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10:42:02 AM Oct 7th 2010
Okay! Natter under nightmare fuel taken care of. however,:

- I think the Arc Number bit is a little too TL;DR. It's MOSTLY good information, but... yeah. long. I'm not sure how much of that information is strictly necessary - I think it could be reduced to "Twenty-five base 5 is an arc numbering system". The discussion seems unnecessary and confusing, but I'm not sure what to DO about it.

- I'm just gonna cut the Sick Sad World stuff and stick it here for posterity's sake, because it's... just... discussion. and imho, pointless discussion. There's some good stuff in there (re: Riven and Spire also qualifying) but it's lost in the NO U tone going on there. Also derailment into discussion of Sirrus' character.

SO here it is so we have it saved:

  • Come to that, what about Spire? Sure, it's awesome for a visit, but imagine living there alone for twenty years....
11:13:58 AM Oct 3rd 2010
Can we please put the Nightmare Fuel section for this page under a separate Troper Tales thing? The natter here is REALLY getting out of hand...
10:45:13 PM Oct 5th 2010
I don't know how to move it to Troper Tales, but I do know how to remove it. If someone else wants to move it to another page, here it is.

  • At age four, NOTHING gave this troper more nightmares than the opening of Myst.
    • You too, huh? Me, it was the sheer emptiness of the island.
    • Seconded, although I didn't get nightmares. One of my chief memories of my childhood is playing Myst and being terrified by it.
  • At three or four, the only age I knew how to reach was the Mechanical Age... And I knew how to reach Achenar's room... It's still mainly the sounds and the music that haunt me.
  • For this troper, the Nightmare Fuel moment (which doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome) is when he manages to get past the conical cage thing in Riven, and simultaneously realizes its intended purpose. This one is easy to miss, since you can get past the puzzle simply by pulling the right lever without understanding the mechanism's purpose. Understanding its purpose requires you to put several pieces together in your mind: the cage, the chair with levers that allows you to progress past the cage, and the apparently-unrelated game, in a children's classroom of all places, that teaches you Riven's numbering system. Putting these things together, and realizing who would be sitting in that chair and under what circumstances, made this troper exclaim, "Gehn is EVIL!".
    • Hints for this purpose can also be found in one of Gehn's journals.
    • There is also a very hard to spot (because it's blue-on-blue) drawing in a cave showing Gehn holding two villagers over two hungry Wharks.
    • In The Book of Atrus Catherine explains that this happened to one of her friends.
  • On the Jungle Island in Riven, there are these bizarre-looking guard towers that can be very hard to spot. When you enter a scene that reveals one of the towers, it will suddenly go into a video clip of the guard operator turning a crank, causing some strange-looking doohickeys on the top of it to spin and product an ear-vibrating, ghostly droning sound. There are 2 towers total, and at least three different ways to approach either of them, which are often accidental and leave you going "wait why aren't I moving forwar...oh crap it's that damn guard tower!"
    • Doesn't help that the windows at the top look like eyes.
  • For this anonymous troper, it was half of Exile, almost all of Riven, and a few very shudder-worthy points in Myst and Revelation.
  • At a tender age I had to sleep with the light on because of Achenar's rooms - especially in the Mechanical Age! Brrr...
  • This troper failed the ending of Myst IV Revelation because of Achenar's rooms in the various Ages of the first game. She understood something fishy was going on, but she stubbornly refused to trust him and think that Yeesha was lying because she remembered vividly THAT cage and THAT rose, and also because she liked very much Yeesha. Complete horror ensued when she saw the bad ending...
  • For this troper it's the Memory Chamber flashback on Serenia which shows Yeesha strapped to a chair and screaming.
  • As a kid, the theme music for the Stoneship age creeped me out. When I rediscovered the games and bought the soundtrack, I popped it in at night to sleep too, and once the Stoneship music came up, I couldn't sleep the rest of the night.
  • The temple in the Channelwood age, which actually serves no purpose in gameplay. Creepy music, a ghostly hologram of Achenar, creepy masks, and an altar that "eats" sacrifices.
  • The electric cage in Achenar's room in Mechanical Age. And the ribcage lamp in Achenar's room in Stoneship.
  • For this troper, the most terrifying moment in game actually came from a bug, rather than something intended to be there. In the slave chambers of Teledahn, there are bones. It is possible to kick the skull so that it doesn't stop rattling(likely a physics collision). Rekicking the skull will do nothing to stop it. The rattling can be heard throughout all of Teledahn, and is still there if you link away and come back This event prompted a long in-game journal entry, which was subsequently deleted because it was more vivid than the actual memory. * shudders*
  • Did no one else discover the chest with the decaying corpse in it in the Mechanical Age?
    • Most of us spent months in therapy specifically trying to FORGET that...
  • Gawd, going back to see this corpse people are talking about I remembered the true source of my fear of Myst: the sound of linking. that and the incredibly loud, claustrophibic, pitch dark elevator up to the tower. But really, the sound of linking has haunted me since first playing Myst. I read a fan fiction or two where it talked about 'the familiar sound of linking' when a character linked and it hit me how utterly terrified I'd be if I ever heard that noise for real, especially after touching a book.
  • The death of Willow 'Wheely' Engberg in URU Live. She crawls into a hole which was unveiled by an earthquake with her best friend, gets trapped there, spends several days without her Relto to escape to, and eventually gets murdered by a Bahro screaming "Noloben"...while her father listens and pleads.
    • Exactly what happened to Wheely was never publicized. All that's known is that the first Restoration Engineer lowered into the cavern where she'd been trapped started screaming to be pulled out. All he'd ever say was that "you don't want to see it."
  • On the jungle island in Riven, there was a Whark statue, which had a mouth that could be opened from both sides and walked through. After walking through from behind it the first time, there is a child sitting on the path, staring at you for a second, then running away. For some reason, this troper jumped out of his seat the first time this happened. Just shows how great the atmosphere is.

10:32:54 AM Oct 7th 2010
Figured it out! Thanks for cutting the stuff; it's now in its own section. I'm going to go back through some of the examples again, because I think there was a second section that had descended into ridonkulousness.
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