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12:44:18 PM Oct 16th 2011
edited by JET73L
Most real-life people's pages have tropes about them and their lives. Escher's page, on the other hand, just has a brief description of his art style, a couple of facts/factoids about where and when he lived, and lists of works that give examples of Relativity and his other works in other media. Compare the page on Vincent van Gogh, which is close to what I expected from someone with a borderline Troperiffic (if uneventful) life, personality, and repertoire like Escher's.

I think we need to reorganize this, but I'm worried about putting the "examples" somewhere they shouldn't be. Would they be best in a folder on this page, or on their own page? I think the former, but I'm not sure whether they should go between the page description and the tropes page, alphabetically in the tropes list under Memetic Mutation or something (which could make the page discontinuous), at the bottom of the page (not my preferred option, but that may just be my OCD talking), or something else.
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