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11:35:29 AM Feb 17th 2017
Should this and the Anime page be merged?
05:03:21 PM Oct 11th 2013
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Should OEL manga be on this list? some are, some aren't.

ETA: I now see why not — never mind.
08:45:20 AM Nov 19th 2011
How should one go about adding a new series to this list if it is still on the main page thing instead of the manga page thing? Is there anything special or do you just change the "main" part in the URL to "manga"? Then copy paste all the data into it? Then add it to this page the same way the others are?

Just checking before I do it.
02:33:40 PM Dec 15th 2011
You also have to make the main page a redirect.
10:13:29 AM Oct 25th 2011
edited by movie007
  • All ptitles are removed, now.
  • Less than 1800 indexed.
  • #ABC = done!
  • DEF = done!
  • GH = done!
  • IJK = done!
  • LM = done!
  • NOP = done!
  • QRS = done!
  • TUV = done!
  • WXYZ = done!
10:15:31 AM Nov 6th 2011
edited by movie007
Battle Royale staying at Main, for now - but, in my opinion, article should be split. Literature came first, though.
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