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04:16:43 PM Jun 11th 2015
edited by VanHohenheimOfXerxes
Consider splitting into 2 tropes:

10:26:29 PM Mar 23rd 2015
I'm going to add an entry for Robin from One Piece, as a rare sexy character using this trope. I mean, she can sprout body parts anywhere AT WILL. Anyone disagree with me? If so, then I won't add her.
11:45:16 PM Mar 23rd 2015
Seems like she wouldn't fit the trope, then.
08:16:29 AM Mar 24th 2015
Well OK. I just brought it up because I saw this trope in one of the character pages for One Piece, which, by the way, she consistently uses her powers to snap her opponents necks. And if she goes into Tranquil Fury mode, their spines.
07:16:31 PM Mar 24th 2015
I'll take it that Robin would be a good entry, then.
05:24:28 PM Jun 10th 2013
Would it count as this trope if a character gets a gorgeous pair of butterfly wings...but it turns out they can eat people? Yes, I know I added that to the Playing With section, and anyone's welcome to edit that, but really, would that be Body Horror enough?
01:22:25 PM Feb 23rd 2013
Things that need to be moved here now that I've removed them from Humanoid Abomination:

  • Naruto
    • According to Masashi Kishimoto, he had planned from the start for all members of Akatsuki to be Humanoid Abominations. He did quite a good job: there's one half-human, cannibalistic Venus Fly Trap who can clone an entire army from himself; a half-man half-shark with a freakish One-Winged Angel form; one man with mouths on his hands and a big one on his chest; a particularly nasty one whose entire body is kept together with thread (provided he doesn't feel like letting his hands take a stroll on their own); someone who transferred their soul into that of an identical human-sized puppet; and the defector, a man whose true form is a gigantic monstrous snake entirely made up of smaller snakes, who simply dons human bodies. There are some hints that the secret leader of Akatsuki, Tobi, might be one as well. Konan and Itachi are the only Akatsuki members so far who haven't displayed a borderline Lovecraftian Superpower, and even those certainly had the power of an abomination, with Konan being able to massively remold the landscape by creating massive structures with her origami, turn herself into paper and even sprout paper "wings," fight on par with/almost killing Madara /The Masked Man/whoever the hell he is of all people, and Itachi being oughtright called invincible/curb stombing many strong characters hard enough to drive them mad with his sheer godly perfection, when he doesn't outright use his supernatural mind rape powers or burn people with black, inextinguishable flames from hell, and both dying without us ever seeing their true potential. In fact, these two are probably the strongest Members of Akatsuki, barring Tobi and Nagato, with the fact that they're technically still human only making them scarier.
    • Naruto is notable because the Starter Villain Zabuza made reference to this early on in the story, that ruthless ninja like him pretend and aspire to be rid of their humanity, figuratively anyway (ie. human feelings). The miscreants of Akatsuki mostly made themselves the way they were, so the likes of Orochimaru, Sasori and others could be taken as ninja who took this lesson literally and actually try to be a Humanoid Abomination.
    • The Jinchuuriki themselves, when in their Version 2 form. Their blood mixes with the beast's chakra, forming a humanoid aura with glowing eyes and mouth, and the body features of their respective beast (such as Naruto's fox ears). The drawing style of the anime emphasizes this by making it look scetchy and surreal.
      • The version 2-Forms have nothing on Naruto's six tailed-form, which is the above plus a creepy skeleton.
    • The Juubi alternates between this and a general Eldritch Abomination. Its many forms center around its single, large Rinne-Sharingan eye, the plant-like bulb on its back, and its tails.
04:46:20 PM Feb 16th 2011
edited by FreeRadical
I have a fan character who could qualify as having these. Her power is basically the ability to control her body temprature at will, which doesn't sound so bad until you find out this means heating herself to scathing level and setting people on fire via physical contact. The downside is that these occasionally go haywire, causing her to explode from the inside out. Fridge Horror sets in when she mentions her bones doubling up as shrapnel.
06:48:01 PM Dec 8th 2010

Can somebody clarify this?

I'm currently cleaning up the misuse of Involuntary Shapeshifting (of which there's a little). Theolo's mention in the Abarat example feels roughly correct, but can somebody familiar with the series give it some clearer wording?
12:26:37 PM Apr 20th 2011
Not sure if I can help, but really any superpowers that are Body Horror (as the main page says) would pretty much count. If someone wants to add an example, they should first read the Body Horror page and ask if their example counts as Body Horror. Do you think that's fair?
05:47:52 PM Jul 20th 2010
I'm not sure how the process goes. If there are suggestions, or if you just add it, or what, but I thought I'd just post a Laconic suggestion.

-"With great power, comes great squick."
07:24:17 PM Aug 8th 2011
I was just thinking that a good alternate name for this trope would be "Blessed With Squick"
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