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03:53:25 AM Mar 30th 2013
edited by Candi
"A chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! revolves around one of these made in the form of a jigsaw puzzle."

Subverted in the English translation. It's left anonymously, but the puzzle was signed before being broken up. The teacher is just completing the four pieces with the name on them when the Shadow Game activates and her false face breaks into puzzle pieces.
10:59:35 AM Nov 14th 2010
For the second portion of the School Rumble entry, something bothers me about the comment about the "someone else... (who is big enough to pound Harima into paste without a second thought)," as it mischaracterizes Harima as being afraid of losing to that guy. As a delinquent trying to reform himself for the one he loves, Harima's more worried that Tenma might see him fighting. Harima beats up 'that gorilla' easily right after she leaves, and I don't think it was simply because he caught the other guy in a moment of weakness. Unfortunately, I watched the series years ago, so I can't point to another moment where they fight on more equal terms. Basically, I want to express that Harima is intimidated by very few people, but that huge guy isn't one of them.
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