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07:49:43 PM Nov 3rd 2010
Was Yuri's character alignment changed? As far as I can remember, it used to be Neutral Evil, but I can't find anything about a change in the edit history. I'm mostly just curious of the reasons why his alignment was changed, as I personally think Neutral Evil fits him better. He spends most of his time manipulating people and working his way around laws and regulations, and his attempts at justifying his actions by claiming that "there is nothing illegal about what I do" are blatant lies.

Not a big deal or anything, mostly just curious.
05:05:02 PM Jun 19th 2010
The Fridge Logic part got deleted with reason "Accuracy :D". What was not accurate?
05:27:00 PM Jun 19th 2010
Fridge logic is being removed from all articles now. It has no place in the main page.
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