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01:06:57 AM Mar 10th 2016
edited by RoseWithThorns
I've removed the Simpsons example. The example suggested that Marge was pregnant with Lisa for sixteen months, but the month and year of conception are not made apparent, only the month and year at which the flashback (which includes Marge telling her Husband and Son that she is pregnant) starts.
08:57:31 AM Nov 16th 2014
Posted this one to a couple years ago. In the film "Tommy," Captain Walker's plane goes down during the Blitz and Tommy is born on VE-Day, which means Mrs. Walker was pregnant for about four years.
03:40:33 PM May 23rd 2014
I think there should be a distinction between Meta and In-Universe examples. I don't know how to make folders and don't think it warrents two different tropes, but maybe there should be sections "Elusive Due Date" for characters pregnant until the birth is published later and "Literal Pregnant Pause" for characters stuck pregnant because of reasons or oddities within the story.
07:58:08 AM Oct 9th 2017
And i think that examples that rely on Webcomic Time should be purged completely. Examples Are Not Recent, who would remember how long it took to pull out the chapters in real life in a few years?
11:24:14 AM Jul 31st 2013
One which I would add if only I could remember name or author (preferably both):

  • In one SF story, the protagonist is revealed to have (several hundred years previously) built a hidden field generator which causes the cells of humans (and of other higher animals) to constantly regenerate, making everyone immortal. Amongst other undesirable consequences (such as the field forcing anterograde/retrograde amnesia, which can only be avoided by people electronically recording that day's memories last thing every night, and replaying the entire store every morning) the field prevents growth and development — so those who were children when the field is established forever remain so, and likewise pregnancies can never come to term.

11:52:15 PM Jul 9th 2013
I'm removing the For Better or For Worse entry. Elly was told at the doctor's office in the Sept. 13, 1990 strip that she was about 10 weeks pregnant, and April was born in the Mar. 31, 1991 strip. That would make her pregnancy almost exactly nine months long.
05:00:30 PM Apr 2nd 2012
I have to ask, is there any point to the Jesus entry at all? At this moment I record my prediction that if it is not removed a Christian and an atheist will get into an edit war about it, this may have already happened as it has an explanation for how it could be normal length within the entry itself. It also concludes by saying that isn't the Bible's intent.
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