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06:05:01 PM Sep 24th 2017
Should the PWNY-verse be included? It does rival the longest series as of now.
08:55:11 AM Mar 31st 2017
edited by Mjolnir13621
Should Star Trek and Doctor Who be included? Because they are expanded universes, and do not mention any long-running series IN the expanded universes by name, thereby nullifying them until such are mentioned? Removing for now.
05:43:34 PM Jan 16th 2017
Legend of Drizzt? That's part of the Forgotten Realms D&D spinoff, so that's arguably "Expanded universe", isn't it? So should that be in here?
06:51:15 PM Jul 11th 2015
I can't find any info on The Black Bat book series. Sources, anyone? What is the series, anyway?
08:43:56 PM Jul 11th 2015
06:11:47 AM Jun 5th 2011
edited by shimaspawn
These aren't really formatted like the rest of the page and they hard to read as a result. This is supposed to be an index more than a trope. I'm sticking these here until they can be formatted right, and made sure they fit.

  • Donald Hamilton's Matt Helm novels, 1960 to 1993, with one unpublished.
  • Several paperback original Western series such as Longarm, the Gunsmith, the Trailsmith and Slocum have lasted for decades with hundreds of entries.
  • Malko Linge: 1965 to 2010 (presumed): 45 years, by Gerard De Villiers, with dozens of entries
  • Hugh North: 1930 to 1968, 38 years, all by Van Wyck Mason; dozens of entries
  • Matt Helm: 1960 to 1993, 33 years, all by Donald Hamilton (one remains unpublished)
  • Quiller: 1965 to 1996: 31 years, by Adam Hall/Elleston Trevor: at least twenty entries
  • Modesty Blaise (in prose): 1965 to 1996, 31 years, by Peter O’Donnell, roughly ten entries
  • OSS 117, started by John Bruce
  • Philip Mc Cutchan wrote the Commander Shaw novels from 1960 to 1995, which makes 35 years
  • Dirk Pitt, 30+years, over twenty books
  • Doctor Fu Manchu, roughly ten books form 1912 to 1959
09:51:48 AM Nov 26th 2010
Are the requirement listed "And" requirements, or "Or" requirements. For example, Animorphs only took 5 years to publish (the requirement says 10 is required), but has 54 books (64 if the side-stories and alternate-continuity books are included).
10:28:12 AM Nov 26th 2010
And requirements. Animorphs doesn't count. It didn't run for a long time.
12:00:08 AM Oct 26th 2010
edited by KhymChanur
Khym Chanur: Does it count if it's a series of different stories in the same Verse by the same author? For example, Young Wizards is counted at 11, but that includes the both the main series and the Feline Wizards sister series, so from that it'd seem the answer is "yes". But what about C. J. Cherryh's Alliance/Union series? The Morgaine Cycle and the Chanur Saga are technically in that Verse, but they don't really feel like it.
05:22:33 AM Oct 26th 2010
I don't know either of the series in question so I can't answer in more than general. If they feel like part of a series they should count towards the 10 needed. If they don't, they don't. They might be able to be listed as spin-offs, but they don't count for the books needed to make it on the list.
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