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02:05:26 AM Jun 22nd 2011
About the Harry Potter case in Literature folder: >>Harry was told his parents were mundane muggles who died in a car accident and he never even heard of the wizarding world until his Hogwarts letter comes on his eleventh birthday. It's explained latter on that Dumbledore wanted it this way. He was afraid Harry would grow up to be a spoiled and useless boy if he was raised by wizards who constantly reminded him of his status as "the chosen one." <<

Wasn't Dumbledore expecting the Dursleys to eventually tell Harry about his past? I believe that was the case: He wanted the boy to be raised as a muggle, then, when he's mature enough, be told about wizarding world, and THEN shortly before going to Hogwarts being told about the whole The Boy Who Survived thing.
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