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10:48:07 AM Feb 22nd 2018
At what point does Loads and Loads of Characters start to apply? It seems a bit subjective. Where is the line between a "normal" amount of characters and Loads?
09:30:04 PM May 16th 2017
Maybe we could change the page image to this one from One Piece?
05:50:54 PM Apr 26th 2015
edited by Khyron42_Prime
The Disney Princess/ Disney Villain entry is... Actually, I think it's pretty much the definition of "too clever by half". It launched into an absurdly specific and obscure dwarf-planet metaphor with no explanation or warning, apparently under the impression that this is helpful, rather than completely impenetrable. But I don't know what the hell it's trying to say, so I'm hesitant to correct it myself.
11:45:26 PM Apr 26th 2015
Aye, this looks really silly to me. I moved it here:
  • There's a reason why the villain franchise contains so many baddies (even the Pixar ones): According to Disney, there is actually no criteria used to define their own version of "villain", unlike the one they used to define "princess." As a result, to them, there is no such thing as an "unofficial villain" as in order for that to work, one villain must end up serving as their equivalent of Eris (sound familiar?) to have the definition changed (for the Disney Princesses, the Eris stand-in was Eilonwy). All we need now is a Ceres stand-in (when a member of a group is completely not supposed to be in it, but is still included anyway), and a Haumea/Makemake stand-in (not included for obvious reasons). Since the Princess franchise has its own version of Ceres, Haumea, and Makemake, there has yet to be such for the villains (again, you need an Eris to have those three). Finally there are members that should've been included, but not even included at all. Guess what that stands in for!
10:18:21 PM Sep 2nd 2013
Street fighter could be added, specially Alpha 3 MAX for PSP with 37 characters and the Ultra SF 4 with 44 characters, the biggest so far on the SF series
09:26:07 PM Aug 8th 2012
Should the Even A Chance Meeting example be deleted, seeing how the fic in question went dead immediately after the first chapter and the example was only added by the author as self-promotion?
11:44:17 AM Aug 9th 2012
Probably. I'm admittedly skimming the chapter, but on a glance, it doesn't look like said chapter has 80 characters crammed in.
12:07:11 PM Jan 22nd 2012
Is this loads and loads or main character or loads and loads of side characters? If there's the main few and the others are on the side but occasionally have a story line it would be A Day in the Limelight. There are shows that focus on many instead of having a main few. That sounds like what this should be.

01:59:43 AM Mar 8th 2011
I'm surprised that Soul Caliber isn't listed, with its cast of 67 main characters and over 100 minor characters over its series of 6 or more games. Also, it might be useful if we could put all the fighting games together under a single entry.
08:35:13 AM Feb 21st 2011
edited by UnstoppableAvengers
What the hell is going on with this page and its' literal mirror which can be found during the search?
08:36:55 AM Feb 21st 2011
What's the problem?
08:39:31 AM Feb 21st 2011
Ah, never mind. Probably TV Tropes's "feature" to "put the words together" in a header when you don't type one of the letters as a capital (where it needs to be).
08:51:07 AM Feb 21st 2011
That's just how the Wiki Word system works. You type out the link in one sentence, like Loads and Loads of Characters, and the system interprets it so that each capital letter is a separate word. You got to the "mirror" probably because someone messed up a pothole.
11:06:31 PM Feb 21st 2011
Well, probably.
05:18:25 AM Jul 20th 2010
Does anyone else think that the Scott Pilgrim series has at least a few too characters too many? I've only read the first five books once, but I felt that Julie Powers honestly added not all that much to the series.
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