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06:02:00 PM Mar 23rd 2017
What about the Collegehumour sketch in which video game baddies give a speech to their minions?
04:34:14 AM May 15th 2011
Does Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean count with the whole 'Dutchman must have a captain' thing?
08:47:58 AM Mar 14th 2010
Hey, where did the trope name come from? It wasn't Homestar Runner, was it?
12:37:38 AM May 4th 2011
I first saw the phrase Load Bearing Boss in the Grand List of Console RPG cliches.
04:28:17 PM Dec 18th 2014
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I would assume it comes from "load bearing pillar", critical structures that keep buildings standing by, well...bearing the load of their weight. Support structures if you will.

If those pillars were knocked down the place wouldn't last long. Similarly, when "load bearing bosses" are defeated, in the straight version of the trope, the place will begin to fall apart or destruct as if they themselves were holding it up somehow.
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