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10:24:01 PM Apr 27th 2014
In the video games section I have to wonder if the super-mutants in Fallout 3 and to some extent Fallout New Vegas would count in this trope. They're not stated to be reptilian but they are large, androgynous, hairless and both have greenish skin tones. The Nightkin are stated somewhere to be blue due to the stealth-boy use. The Capital Wasteland variety also have no discernible exterior sex organs and are considered asexual as a result (I've seen no mention of actual dissections to determine if they're truly asexual) and they (or at least some of them) grow larger and larger as they age, like some reptiles and amphibians and other lizardy things.
12:50:33 PM Mar 3rd 2011
shouldn't there be a mythology section? Not only do a lot of cultures have stories about them, but there's an eerie kind of consistency, geographically speaking, in terms of where they came from/went/lived/etc, across the americas, australia, and india..
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