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11:19:31 PM Jan 24th 2017
From the item about The Wind in the Willows:

Though in the sequel, Mr. Toad accidentally blows himself up, playing with his Nephew's experimental fireworks. Despite his Genre Savvy Nephew told him multiple times not to touch it. He bonks his head, temporarily becomes a genius and becomes a Professor for Cambridge University. Which no-one thinks he's a toad, but instead just an ugly human. Once it's revealed he's a toad he is kicked out

Now, Kenneth Grahame never wrote a sequel to The Wind in the Willows, so what work is this referring to?
08:12:26 PM Nov 6th 2016
Snowboard Kids has humans and anthropomorphic animals coexisting together.
04:30:54 AM Nov 1st 2011
Where does Alfred J Quack fit in? Especially with regards to this episode,, where he joins a circus where the one human is treated as a wild beast.
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