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11:55:19 AM Jan 14th 2011
edited by pureWasted
How about notable subversions of this trope? I have an example where the writers were obviously aware of falling into this trap and played on the viewer's genre savvy very well, knowing exactly what to do to make a Like You Would Really Do It turn into a near-Killed Off for Real. I don't mean to say that it's a case of "EVERYBODY was convinced," there's always bound to be the guy or gal who knew better, but the writers were clearly aware of this trope and used a number of notable tricks to get around it.
10:25:18 AM May 22nd 2011
I agree. It should be a YMMV, but sometimes it's noticeable when the writer intentionally out-savvies the viewer with this set-up. And anyone allergic to Natter can Wiki Walk away from it. Or spoil everyone's fun by culling it regularly, that should gratify some anal-retentives.
08:34:50 PM Jul 29th 2010
Umm, why no examples?
08:50:29 PM Jul 29th 2010
It, uh... got messy.

The problem was it attracted natter and flaming since a lot of the examples were basically "I knew they'd never kill off X", so it was decided to keep it without examples. If you're curious, the Related To button on the top can get you examples-by-proxy showing you the articles that link here.
05:52:10 PM Dec 30th 2010
It was an understandable move to remove the examples from this page. BUT now, the trope may not be listed on work pages AND it's not possible to list examples on the trope site itself. Both together make the page rather redundant. I suggest to allow one of them.
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