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04:03:17 AM Jul 3rd 2016
"Like Parent, Like Spouse" - Naruto.

Someone keeps changing it to be pro NH when MK was never meant to be pro NH. Even when people use the interview where Kishimoto says it's a red herring it is from an uncredited interview during the promotion of an NH movie (why would he say it's not during this time?) Even if you believe it, it's still contradicted directly by the 2015 NYCC interview where he says that Naru Saku is based on his marriage with his wife, earlier in interviews he's said the same thing about Mina Kushi.

If someone wants to change it can they atleast bring it up with me first or in a discussion because I'm tired of changing it back every other week to keep readers from getting wrong information from biased shippers.
09:20:56 AM Jul 3rd 2016
edited by matruz

It's not an uncredited interview, it was made by for the promotion of Naruto The Last. Here's the link:

だからこそ、ナルトとサクラがくっつくかのようにミスリードさせるために、あえてサクラとナルトの母親であるクシナの動きを重ねるかのようなシーンを描いたりもしたんです "Naruto being close to Sakura was a deliberate mislead, that was the entire point of the scenes of Sakura being compared to Kushina, for example."

I agree with you that it's a stretch that Naru Hina is a parallel of Mina Kushi. That's why I am not putting it on the trope.

I've read the New York Comic Con interview (link so that other people can judge by themselves: ) and at most I can gather is that the interviewer suggests that Kishimoto's wife is similar to Sakura personality-wise, not that the entire relationship is the basis for Naru Saku; And no, even if Naru Saku relationship was directly based on Kishi's and his wife it would still not contradict the Red Herring claim (it would even give more strength to it, if anything). Not to mention that it would be completely irrelevant as an example of this trope for the simple reason that Naruto ended up marrying Hinata, not Sakura.

The Tales of Gutsy Ninja example doesn't belong here on the trope in the context of Minato/Kushina parallels, since it's a completely different and separate story (it's not even an Alternate Universe) with also separate characters (even different parents) we are talking about here, and it's not even written by the author, only illustrated at most. However, if you do want to add it as an example, you'll need to prove that at least one of Naruto Musasabi's parents (which are definitely not Minato and Kushina) are similar to Tsuyu.

I have not seen the same claim about the Mina Kushi pairing being similar to the author and his wife's, can you provide the source? (not that it would matter much for this particular topic, I'm just curious)
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