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04:17:11 PM Jun 20th 2014
Since the Real Life reference to 'The Art of War' was actually advice to Never Split the Party, I bumped it over to that entry.
07:23:04 AM Feb 24th 2011
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Trimming the following natter. Including mine.

  • In Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Yoda and Obi-Wan split up in order to kill the two evil Sith Lords. Ultimately, neither is successful, but come within a hair's breadth of being so, raising the pertinent question of why they didn't team up and take them out one after the other. This is exacerbated when you realise that a number of Jedi-Sith fights in the previous two films were 2 on 1...
    • Their timing was crucial, neither Vader nor Sidious knew where the Jedi where before they attacked. Had they teamed up against Sidious, he likely would have exploited Obi Wan being the weaker member of the team to kill one or both Jedi. Had they both attacked Vader they might have succeeded there, but Sidious would have had the time and advance warning from the Force to send an entire battalion of clone troops to slaughter both Yoda and Obi Wan and stop them from ever leaving Mustafar.
      • In the novelization, Obi Wan is noted to be almost untouchable in a lightsaber battle. He doesn't have the offensive power of Anakin or Windu. That's why they sent him to deal with Grievous. Even Mace Windu said Obi Wan had a better chance against Grievous than he did due to this. Also, as to the idea of critical timing, how so? Anakin was just walking around on Mustafar being all emo, and if he managed to run off, he's a politically inexperienced crybaby with an anger problem. Obi Wan and Yoda team up and take out Sidious, end of galactic conflict. Then, he and Yoda either can talk down, or if need be, take out Anakin.
        • And if Obi-Wan hadn't gone to Mustafar Anakin would have had no reason to attack Padme, eliminating what was probably the spark that sent him fully into the dark side. After slaying Sidious, Yoda, Obi-Wan and now Padme with his twins are all going to do everything they can to turn him back, without Sidious to counteract them. It is hard to imagine Anakin still going on a crazy rampage to destroy the Jedi with the 3 most important and influential people in his life trying to prevent it. And without the Emperor its quite plausible that the clones would be reduced as a threat in some way, whether from dispersing without leadership, calling off attacks, or even reverting to Jedi or at least Anakin's command.
          • Obi-Wan didn't know Anakin would attack Padme. And there's a lot of "if" in that statement.
    • And regarding those 2-on-1 fights: one ended with the Sith dead (at the cost of one dead Jedi), another ended up with the Sith escaping (with one of the two Jedi losing a hand) and the last only ended with Jedi victory after it became a 1-on-1. Fighting in groups seems too dangerous - doubly if seems you're the last of your kind!
      • And this isn't just true for Jedi: Return of the Jedi, two Sith, one Jedi—both Sidious and Vader die, and Luke barely got hurt.
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