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12:40:41 PM Oct 10th 2014
At the end of the trope description, is the comment about Fetish Fuel really necessary? We collected examples for a long time, and we came to the conclusion that the probability of something being Fetish Fuel for someone is ~1.
01:07:53 PM Oct 10th 2014
Yeah, I think that one can safely be tossed.
10:41:44 PM Aug 1st 2013
"Adverts for Cravendale milk in the UK claim that "Cravendale tastes so good, the cows want it back", followed by some pissed-off looking cows ringing the doorbell of some poor soul enjoying milk and cookies or a cup of tea in peace. Albeit not for much longer."

How is this "Meet the meat"?

Milk is a bovine product, however, "meet the meat" involves two concepts, the intelligent animal, and a suicidal desire to be eaten. For it to be "meet the meat" the milk would have to be intelligent and expressing the desire to be consumed.

Dairy production is not inherently lethal (in fact, could be a fairly comfortable way of life... for a domesticated cow), and milk is in fact a natural part of a cow's diet(at a young age, at least. Older cows wanting milk can lead to Squick).
06:52:50 PM May 1st 2013
As i recall, there was a caption that read "Le Yikes" which was changed to "Yikes".

Now there's no caption at all.

What gives?
08:25:20 PM May 2nd 2013
It was unnecessary. It's a pig cutting itself in half. Most people who see that who already be in the process of saying something like, "yikes".
07:16:09 AM Feb 15th 2012
The "Pig" by Roald Dahl example... how is Lexington a Punny Name? What is it that I'm not getting?
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