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06:16:51 AM Dec 1st 2015
edited by DaibhidC
Pulled this:
  • Another Gaiman story, entitled "The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains," features a protagonist who fits the physical description very closely, and is even mistaken for a child several times; it is revealed that his father was one of The Fair Folk. The story can be found here.

Being "a small man", or even half-fey doesn't make you a leprechaun. Especially when you're looking for fairy gold rather than hiding it, and more especially when you're in a story set in Scotland.
10:41:46 PM Apr 3rd 2011
Why are leprechauns portrayed as evil? Especially when all the stories about them dispense advice about how to best steal from them. In their eyes we must be always chaotic evil giant monsters, and they're just using tricks to defend their gold! How is that evil?
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