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12:33:53 PM Aug 8th 2012
edited by manhandled
Wait, wait, wait, is this describing lens flare as a gameplay detriment and unecessary effect, focusing on the downs, or as lighting effects for games, cgi, and whatnot in general? As in unbiased.

EDIT: Oh wait, this is LENS FLARE (Light diamonds). I was thinking of sun glare ITSELF (look at something super-bright, floods your vision with light. Case closed.

P.S. Genre savvyness: bad grammar destroys your credibility, amirite?
02:47:04 PM Nov 26th 2011
I get flare on my glasses, which I've had for many many years. It just seemed so natural that it never occurred to me that this was a camera trope. O_o

I'm getting different lenses next time.
11:03:37 AM Jan 6th 2012
...What are the images from?

I recognise the first is from the 11th Star Trek movie (and there was SO MUCH of the stuff in that...), but not either of the others...
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