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06:17:08 AM Sep 20th 2012
The simpsons "Fraudcast News" episode (s15e22) parodies this when Mr Burns brings out the Legion Of Evil. He reveales a hidden room behind the bookcases in his office, (un)fortunately the legion of evil have been sitting there for decades and starved or suffocated to death.

Don't know if this should be added as the legion is an "ex"-legion and not so evil/doomy in the episode.
03:18:51 PM Aug 15th 2011
edited by DaibhidC
Pulled some natter:

  • Older Than They Think: Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer40000 are based on heroQuest and Space Crusade. NOT the other way round.
    • Really? So somehow Warhammer 40000 travelled back 3 years from the 1990 release of Space Crusade to start in 1987 and Warhammer went back from the 1989 release of Hero Quest to 1983 to get started then?
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