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11:16:21 AM Mar 7th 2014
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A while back, the image for this page was a Donald Duck comic book frame with Scrooge McDuck yelling something like: "I know all that! What do you think this is, the exposition section in some silly comic book?"

While I appreciate that the current image demonstrates literally "leaning on the fourth wall," it doesn't seem at all applicable to the trope as it's defined; instead, it seems to be an example of Painting the Medium. So, I'd strongly recommend reverting to the previous page image.
08:30:10 PM Apr 18th 2014
Update: I just ran across the image I was trying to describe. It's illustrating As You Know, since that's the convention good old Uncle Scrooge is hanging a lampshade on. Never mind!
05:13:11 PM Feb 20th 2012
There was an example without the work title in Fan Works. If someone knows which fic was the troper talking about then add it back with the name.

  • On the subject of MGS, there's an excellent fanfic where Otacon makes repeated references to fanfiction (its form, its trends, how it can Go Horribly Wrong), compares his situation to being "in a really whiny fanfiction" and, at the end of the story, remarks to Snake that "it seems like the author of a fanfic is trying to wind down."
07:01:37 AM May 10th 2011
Need help remembering: I can remember watching a scene from the last season of a sitcom (I want to say it's from the 90s) where two characters are sitting around quietly, and one of them says, "Well, it's the last season." The other looks at the first quizzically, but then the first clarifies that they're referring to something entirely different. It was a show with a solid Fourth Wall, so this was a bit of a surprise. But I can't remember which show it was.
07:05:40 AM May 10th 2011
Never mind, I remember: it was Mad About You. Adding now....