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08:41:43 AM Jul 11th 2014
Galad isn't LS. He isn't even lawful good. Move to remove the example. For that matter, Rand certainly isn't LG, so he can't be LS. He (and as mentioned, virtually every male from nearly every country on the main continent) has a blind spot. This is worth discussing, but it isn't this trope. So I guess I think the entire Wo T entry should be removed.

If he's anything (and he's too complicated a character to pigeonhole that way) he's NG. Galad has a code of conduct that he holds himself to, and the laws of the land are at best something to be weighted in his decision (My sister channels. Channeling is illegal in Amadcia, where we are. But I like my sister, and she's a good person, therefore I won't turn her in to be horrible murdered) If he decided the right thing to do was a single man, full frontal assault on the royal palace and killing every guard in his way, he'd do it without a second thought. Unless you subscribe to the (IMO nonsensical) notion that a character having his/her own code that he/she will always obey somehow makes them Lawful. If my code is to murder every 8th person I see, no exceptions, am I lawful evil?

Maybe this is why the rule restricting examples to works in which alignment is already a canonical thing exists.

03:32:03 PM Apr 23rd 2013

  • Detective Jim Lipton, from Dead Silence. He is legitimately convinced that Jamie Ashen killed his wife based solely on the fact that Ashen gave her flowers prior to her death (it was their anniversary). He ignores the one real piece of evidence, ignores common sense, and actively breaks the law for the sole purpose of harassing an acquitted man, going so far as to attempt to arrest Ashen without cause and threaten him with a shotgun- again, without cause or provocation.

because, at least as written, it's an example of a law officer being stupid, but since he's not being stupid by following the law (just jumping to a conclusion and holding on for all he's worth) it's not Lawful Stupid.
01:49:47 PM Apr 27th 2011
Someone on this board has a mad on for the Guardians of the Green Lantern Mythos. Removed this.

  • The Guardians of the Universe have done some phenomenally stupid shit, namely creating the Manhunters, an entire legion of Lawful Stupid police androids, and letting them run wild. This is exactly why Sinestro opposes the Guardians - because they're by far and large a bunch of hypocritical, conceited, inept assholes.

The idea behind the Manhunters was not "phenomenally stupid." It only comes off that way in hindsight. They were a failed first experiment which the Guardians themselves disposed of in favor of the current Green Lantern Corps.

Throwing Sinestro into this is just silly as Sinestro was ejected from the Green Lanterns for using the power of the lantern to become a tyrant. The Guardians expelled Sinestro for abusing and overstepping his authority. Sinestro hates the Guardians because they humiliated him. Anything else he claims is just Sour Grapes
08:03:08 AM Jul 16th 2010
I have removed many examples that actually seems to be more suited to lawful Evil
09:34:43 PM Mar 19th 2010
I think we should use Kore giving his speech to the dwarf child for the Lawful Stupid. For one thing, the Saruman one has Saruman assuming the players are Stupid Good.
04:43:31 PM Mar 4th 2010
Motivator-style. No, thanks.
04:30:29 PM Mar 4th 2010
Kersey475: I nominate that this image be the new image for this page (I have no idea how to upload images onto this site so could someone else please do it).
08:02:29 AM Jul 16th 2010
edited by KSonik
That image seems more suited to Lawful Evil you know
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