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11:30:08 AM Oct 6th 2011
edited by Vegos
Editing the first sentence of the trope - I would consider making it say "The fertility of a couple is inversely proportional to their desire AND/OR ABILITY to have a child."
11:00:47 PM Aug 6th 2010
It's entirely possible that I'm missing some joke, but the graph showing a 0% chance of pregnancy for virgins in real life is rage-inducing. Did someone miss basic sex education?
11:09:35 AM Sep 27th 2010
You're missing some joke. The graph is obviously referring to women who get pregnant while remaining virgins.
10:03:45 AM Dec 12th 2010
Just have to share that that "infirtle" is driving me up the wall. I'm almost tempted to copy it, open it in MS Paint, correct the spelling, reupload it... Almost.
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