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04:32:33 AM Nov 2nd 2013
Shouldn't this be a YMMV trope? What may be a Last Note Nightmare for some may not be one for others. For example, someone said that Steely Dan's "Josie" had a menacing fade-out. I'd like to know what's menacing about it.
08:35:09 AM Jun 17th 2013
Seeing as this is a Music Trope, should we get rid of all of the non-musical examples?
09:52:38 AM Jun 17th 2013
Do you mean the not-explicitly-a-music-genre half of the page, or the few within that which are about words rather than sounds?

The former: No; it's full of music examples.

The latter: Possibly. I'd bring it up for wider discussion somewhere.
10:36:44 PM Jun 18th 2013
I meant the ones that aren't from a song of any kind. For example, the ones about when TV switched from analog to digital.
01:44:41 AM Jun 19th 2013
Yeeah, that's not the trope.
06:48:52 PM Jun 20th 2013
So axe them, then?
07:19:47 PM Feb 19th 2013
The ending of "She Don't Use Jelly" by The Flaming Lips and its industrial, downright creepy record sounds may count. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=AfpyoGFJNNE#t=200s
12:59:42 AM Jul 27th 2012
Does the ending of "Your Bedtime Story is Scaring Everyone" by "In Flames" count as this trope? here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVlqhAW574Y
02:22:12 AM Jul 27th 2012
I don't think so, as the weird bit comes about three/four minutes in and it goes back to normal for the end, but I have problems with hearing.
07:10:47 AM Sep 8th 2013
According to the "Playing With" section, it would be Subverted. So yeah, it should count.
09:16:20 AM Jan 6th 2012
edited by onlybobtheduck
Does the end of "We are the champions" count? It's not so much a scare chord as a lack of completion. I was teaching a class of 30-50 year old ESL students with the song, and they commented on it too. There's something unsettling about the end of the song.
07:07:21 AM Sep 8th 2013
I think it's either Downplayed or Defied. Defied because the last note... just isn't there. Downplayed because the ending is unsettling, but not flat-out scary.
02:46:21 PM Nov 16th 2011
  • There is a possible first-note nightmare with their song "Sleep and Dream". Your Milage May Vary, though.

Examples Are Not Arguable
04:09:59 PM May 30th 2011
Vocaloid songs have a lot of these, I can't seem to catolog them all right now, but if anyone is interested in helping me, I'll get the list started to add into the page.
04:07:57 PM May 30th 2011
Vocaloid songs have a lot of these, I can't seem to catolog them all right now, but if anyone is interested in helping me, I'll get the list started to add into the page.
04:26:20 PM May 30th 2011
Scratch this, why is vocaloid not listed amongst the music category,sure, it's a software, but it's a software that makes MUSIC and the songs are MUSIC. I think that the examples for it should b e moved to music.
07:22:28 PM May 1st 2011
Music examples may need a separate page.
08:04:53 PM Jun 20th 2011
Agreed, I think there should be too
02:05:27 PM Jan 7th 2011
Didn't there used to be an image on the main page of a piece of sheet music with a happy-sounding title, and then it was torn apart and covered in blood at the bottom of the image with a knife right next to it? I like that image.
09:53:10 AM Jan 12th 2011
I agree...what happened? It was cool, and illustrated the trope pretty well.
12:53:02 AM Dec 13th 2010
The track "the Eve of the War" in Jeff Waynes War of the Worlds is a pretty upbeat (and very bombastic) song about the martian invaders coming, that ends with a sound that could be a martian beacon or radar-whatever. Pretty inhuman and cold after the song anyway, but for the life of me I can't think of a category to put it in...
04:39:10 PM Nov 6th 2011
I added it and put it in "Electronic / Industrial". :)