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11:32:02 PM Dec 1st 2011
So, this trope as written right now? Really vague. By the end of the article's introduction, we've basically got a trope where a couple can be considered a "Last Minute Hookup" so long as anyone in the audience thinks that the couple didn't start a relationship until their pre-determined standards are met. Even if the couple is actually acting like a couple well before it.

Trope Repair Shop is full, but I hate to let things sit. This trope needs to be tightened lest Trope Drift take too deep a hold. My impression of a "Last Minute Hookup" would be, literally, a couple that waited until the last minute to engage in romance.
03:41:29 PM Dec 7th 2011
That just presents the same problem; "romance" is a very vague term.
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