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01:10:12 AM Mar 15th 2014
While League of Angels does use sexy advertising, a lot of the female characters shown in its adverts ARE in the game as angels you can use in battle. I'm tempted to remove the entry entirely for that reason, or at least rewrite it to reflect the game accurately. Any objections?
11:58:47 PM Jul 7th 2013
About the edit to the Call Of Roma entry, the game started off named Caesary until Heroic Era, the company that makes Call of Roma, sought an official judgment (not a lawsuit, as the playerbase believed at the time) stating that their game's design wasn't a ripoff of Evony. Evony, LLC countersued for copyright infringement and misappropriation of copyright. Because Heroic Era no-showed the trial and Evony, LLC had all the evidence they needed, the court ruled in favor of Evony, and Heroic Era was forced to pay over US$600,000, most of that in damages in attorney's fees. Details about the case and ruling are in this blog post, though correction to the edit is welcome; most of the info I found on this change goes back and forth between 'they changed their name' and 'they shut it down completely and rebuilt it from the ground up.'
04:58:16 PM Nov 28th 2012
edited by DonaldthePotholer
Though this is one's not about sex, there may be a more mild form of Fanservice that could make this game qualify:

Enforced in the NCAA Football series: Because of endorsement restrictions on Student-Athletes, the cover player of each year's game is always a notable player who has already finished his college career.
02:52:44 PM Oct 23rd 2012
It's not a game but perhaps the True Blood poster qualifies?
12:54:47 PM Jul 16th 2010
The entry on World of Warcraft is blatantly false, as was even noted in the entry itself. There is no shortage of Stripperiffic female models in the game, including Night Elves. Also, the City of Heroes example contracted itself in itself; the characters are in the game, in some cases prominently.

If someone wants to rewrite it to sound a bit less gripey and more factual, go ahead. Also, avoid the generalizations like "Every MMO does this". List them, or they don't count. This also makes it unnecessary to list aversions.
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