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09:01:52 AM May 15th 2014
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Removed from the page:

  • In a decidedly non-sexy example, Louise Iver from Whitechapel is a little old lady who wears varying shades of red (sometimes pink or peach) in order to delineate her as a Devil in Plain Sight.

Being extremely sexy and seductive is THE defining trait of Lady in Red.


I think an attractive politician who wears colourful outfits is not a seductive Vamp who often should act as Characters as Device. The dresses are not slinky red ones and they look pink or orange. Misuse — at least in my book.
09:42:02 AM Sep 18th 2013
I removed the Final Fantasy examples because they are simply "these female characters wear red" rather than "these female characters are especially sexy in red." In particular, the Red Mage doesn't fit unless the cut of the robes looks like this or something. FFIII and FFV are almost unisex.

  • Maria's 8-bit sprite from Final Fantasy II: More like 8-bit limitations (granted, her outfit is Stripperific, but she's not the love interest or anything and all artwork and future sprites put her in mostly-purple).
  • Lenna of Final Fantasy V wearing orange: really a stretch, and also, she's not shown as being especially attractive to the guys. (They show more interest in Faris than her.)
  • Terra of Final Fantasy VI is in red, but she's... gosh, she's basically the opposite of this trope, considering she finds love in a maternal capacity and she spends the first chunk as an innocent amnesiac and Reluctant Warrior whose reaction to flirting is "wow I didn't get anything from that; what's wrong with me?"
02:59:18 PM Aug 7th 2013
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Suppose a character fits the bill for a flattering red dress, (or rather, a tunic), with no sleeves, and She's Got Legs (and and arms), but plays a more sporty and tsundere attitude. Wouldn't it be more of a subversion or Defied Trope (if her personality doesn't exactly fit the bill)?

EDIT: In that case, it would probably be just doing the bendy thing with it. Uhh...
12:39:28 PM Mar 6th 2012
edited by utahann
It says the trope's for adult women only, what about a Fille Fatale?
11:53:58 AM Jun 15th 2012
I think that should be edited, because you're right, that is an exception.
09:26:05 PM Mar 22nd 2010
Simplified the Chris de Burgh example to remove cutesy natter. (Can it really be called the Trope Namer if it wasn't even the first song with that title?)
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