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06:52:15 PM Mar 4th 2018
Sorry if this isn't the right place to do it, but why were all the character pages for the groups deleted?
04:30:34 AM May 12th 2015
edited by Rhapsody
Okay, this definitely needs a good cleaning up. Main description aside, an index should only list names, right? Whose smart idea was to start listing trivial things like "idol A was in drama B" and "idol C is the sibling of idol D", and even more annoyingly "group E is in this controversy"? (Yes I know I joined in on those habits too but I'm wiser now.) Any info one wants to add about the group/soloist should go in their trope page if applicable, if they don't have one then either make one or don't add any info at all.

May I get permission to change the index layout to this?:
  • Group A
    • Subunit B
    • Soloist C
  • Ex-group member D on a new bullet (if they've gone solo after leaving a group then they should be listed on their own eg. Jay Park shouldn't be listed under 2PM anymore)
10:10:45 AM May 13th 2015
I'm not a mod or very involved in K-pop anymore, but yeah, the page really should be cleaned up.
01:40:17 AM May 14th 2015
Well out of the several times I asked about this that makes you and another person back when I tried to ask in the ATT section, that will do. Done.
09:38:54 AM Aug 1st 2013
Should we add tropes common the K-pop genre as well, or just groups?
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