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07:43:40 PM Apr 27th 2013
This is an overly opinionated Trope Page for Knowing, marred by too many arguable interpretations of the film's story. For example, we don't know why Nicholas Cage was not allowed to accompany his son. And we don't know who ascended to the new world in the spaceships. The solar flares are not presented as damage caused by human carelessness with the environment; disasters are often inexplicable and not the result of fault but as natural phenomena.

I agree that it is not a downer ending—as in, for example, Melancholia. The human race was rescued by the ascension of the two children. Children have longer life spans than adults and are able to procreate more easily in the absence of man made morality and religions, a fact somewhat symbolized by the relationship between Cage & his minister father. Why bring that baggage with you?
07:39:36 AM Jan 13th 2013
edited by VandalHeartX
Artistic License entry on the main page: is that artistic license or just a short explanation, which by definition will be inaccurate and lacking? He was teaching a class. That was one scene. There is no Artistic License - Philosophy trope because either it's a short explanation, or it's wrong.

I could be wrong, though, which is why I didn't just edit it.
06:28:56 PM Sep 21st 2010

I disagree. The ending is meant to be bittersweet. The scenes of the dying earth are melancholy, but the human race will live on.
09:21:55 PM Jun 2nd 2010
The plane crash.

More specifically the aftermath. Has anyone either witnessed a similar event? Or work with First Responders or something?

I just wanna know if all the secondary explosions, people getting caught in said explosions et al was accurate.

Yes, it did leave an impression.
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