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10:46:38 PM Mar 29th 2014
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  • The Queen has stated that the Duchy [of Edinburgh] will pass by special remainder to Prince Edward (currently Earl of Wessex) upon his father's death.

Really? No such special remainder was attached to the dukedom (not duchy) when it was created in 1947, obviously, and I believe the current custom is that not even the monarch can alter the succession of a peerage.

As I understand it (and according to Wikipedia):
  • If Philip dies before Elizabeth, the dukedom will pass to his first son, Charles. Then when Elizabeth dies the dukedom will pop out of existence, because King Charles III cannot hold any lesser British title.
  • If Elizabeth dies before Philip, the dukedom dies with Philip, for the same reason.
  • Either way, there is a family arrangement that the new king will create a new dukedom of Edinburgh for his brother Edward – the fifth such since 1714.
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