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03:21:19 PM Nov 11th 2015
Does the "Genre" section really belong here? Can a genre really have a killer app? The examples listed in that section seem like they fit Gateway Series more than this trope.
05:55:13 PM Jul 20th 2011
Although yes, 'Killer' is a fandom term for good and the like, 'Killer App' sounds like a virus. If you mean to derive the title using the Rule of Cool, then that's okay, but think of something other than something that reminds people of a killing application like Epic App or Must Have App.
05:49:35 AM Jul 21st 2011
edited by DougSMachina
I see your point, but it's not a fandom term. It's an industry term, and it's been used for a long time, so I think it's the better title. Here's the Wikipedia page on the term; the first reference is from 1989.
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