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01:31:57 PM Jul 3rd 2017
Several entries has a bunch of partly spoiled text like a lot of "he" or "she" spoiled out. Should these be commented out or rewritten at all?
04:42:21 PM Dec 18th 2014
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Is there a version of this trope where, rather than "Kick the Dog, but the dog was actually an asshole", it's more like "he may be an asshole, but dog-kicking is still dog-kicking"?
02:04:55 AM Dec 19th 2014
That seems like a variant of this trope.
07:45:57 PM Dec 20th 2013
How about not allowing Real Life example since that could run in a few problems?
07:17:48 AM Oct 25th 2012
Hey, a lot of these are actually Pay Evil unto Evil. Anyone else want to help clean it up?
08:50:19 PM Oct 25th 2012
Alright, I think we should make some slight changes to the trope, because the example provided doesn't explain what happens if the attacker knows the victim is evil, but kills him for unrelated reasons.
08:59:31 PM Oct 25th 2012
Here's an idea for an addendum example to Kick the Son of a Bitch, since it seems knowing about the background, but not caring about it, screwing them over for their own, deranged reasons is its own reward to them.

After the robbers make their getaway, one of the robbers turns out to be Backstabby McGee, who frequently kills his partners for a bigger share of the cut. However, his partner's mask comes off in the alleyway and Backstabby recognizes him as Don the Rapist. However, Backstabby has no moral qualms against Don, he just kills Don because he wants his money.
12:23:34 AM Oct 7th 2014
I've removed a bunch of examples that fit Pay Evil unto Evil much better than this, but I think more is still needed.
10:18:47 AM Oct 7th 2014
Kick the Son of a Bitch is when the villain is doing a Kick the Dog, but inadvertently hits a person who is unlikeable. They have still evil intent.

Pay Evil unto Evil is when one's specifically targeting bad people and punishing them. They are more likely heroes.
08:14:40 PM Sep 2nd 2012
The "Video Games" section falls into a bit of a grey area, because this trope is defined by the act having malicious intent despite the victim deserving it, and in video games, intent can vary depending upon the player.
07:11:12 AM Feb 23rd 2012
Is it just me who thinks a lot of these examples fall more under "Pay evil unto evil"?
06:39:57 PM Aug 2nd 2012
No, it's not just you; loads of them do. Feel free to remove them - I've taken out some. In particular, most of the "Comic Books" section fell into that category.
06:26:08 AM Aug 4th 2012
Okay. We shall see to it whether or not those deleted examples can qualify as Pay Evil unto Evil or not.
10:00:22 AM Oct 4th 2011
How about renaming this into something that's shorter?
04:49:27 PM Jul 30th 2011
Is there a reason there's no "Films - Animated" section? It seems like Gru taking out his frustration at being denied a loan on Vector via freeze ray in Despicable Me would be a perfect example of this trope.
06:58:10 AM May 4th 2011
edited by LordGro
This trope page also acts as an index. Is this intended or just an oversight? I'd suppose it's an oversight.

Edit: Thank you, unknown problem solver!
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