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10:38:18 PM Dec 15th 2012
Think there's a tad TOO much examples?
09:54:33 AM Sep 23rd 2012
  • Super Smash Bros.. was originally just a platformer-fighting game hybrid with generic characters, but marketing said it wouldn't sell, so they added Nintendo characters and began a series full of mostly Pandering to the Base. To this day, most of the appeal comes not from the fighting and deep single player modes, but for the chance to have Mario fight Pikachu or see Zelda kick Link's ass.
    • The advertising was completely aware of this.
    • ...okay, almost all of this series' appeal comes from the fighting. No other game plays like it. If it's all about people seeing their franchise heroes fight each other, why do R.O.B. or Ice Climbers or Fox get so much play? Who the hell has even played Starfox in the last decade, let alone the others?

So is it because of the appeal of Nintendo characters fighting, or is it because it's actually a good, original fighter?
03:44:32 PM May 11th 2012
Why is the "Compare with" trope Mr. Fanservice (and Estrogen Bait Brigade, but it's now under Mr. Fanservice) listed and not Ms. Fanservice? Seems a bit sexist to me to think only women would want to read something just for a hot guy and not vice versa.
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