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08:43:13 PM Nov 5th 2014
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I removed the example of killing Damon in The Vampire Diaries. Why? One, because it would have been very hard at that point, since Bonnie hadn't really come into her powers yet and Stefan was much weaker due to not drinking human blood. Two, getting rid of Damon wouldn't have gotten rid of Anna, the vampires inside the tomb, Katherine, Isobel, John Gilbert, the Originals, you get the idea. Remember that a huge amount of the conflict comes from Elena's very existence as a doppelganger. So no, killing Damon is neither a simple solution nor one that would make things much better.
08:55:02 AM Mar 16th 2014
This trope is usually called "Kill Gilligan," not "Just Eat Gilligan." It refers to inexperienced writers who, if assigned to write an episode of "Gilligan's Island," would kill off Gilligan in an attempt to make it unique and interesting, not realizing the much bigger point that you have to stay within the confines of the Word of God; you don't change the established parameters of the show's story and characters.
09:32:53 AM Feb 5th 2012
edited by KinkLink5
Why Don't You Just Shoot Him? had its examples put in Headscratchers. Either this should be too or Why Don't You Just Shoot Him? should have in-universe examples listed. I personally don't like blatant hypocrisy.
04:13:01 PM Aug 6th 2011
Shouldn't it be "Just eat, Gilliagn"? With a comma? "Just eat Gilligan" sounds like your telling somebody to eat Gilligan
02:05:28 PM Jun 21st 2012
They are. The trope title is proposing that the characters on Gilligan's Island were stupid for not resorting to cannibalism.

Tropers in the past are really scary people and I will never get on a boat with any of them.
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