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04:21:13 AM Apr 25th 2017
Somebody wasn't reading the books carefully.
  • The whole plot of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (or "Sorcerer's Stone" as it's called in the USA) wouldn't have happened if Dumbledore had just destroyed the stone in the first place like he did at the end. In this case, there was a good reason not to destroy it sooner. It was needed to produce an immortality elixir that its creator, Nicholas Flamel, relied upon to survive. However, after seeing how close Voldemort came to obtaining the stone, Flamel finally agreed to let himself succumb to old age rather than risk letting the stone fall into the wrong hands.
Example itself explains why it's not an example. Destroying stone is death sentence for Nick and his wife, which makes little wonder that Nick and Dumble weren't exacly willing to to this from the start. Only Tom getting close to actually getting it made them reconsider.
Because it's really f-ing dangerous, because HP universe except Cursed Child operates on Stable Time Loop, because no one had any reason to when they could and becuase when there WERE reasons to time turners were destroyed. Satisfied?
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has the oddest one. Harry gets listed as the fourth competitor in a tournament that has "three wizards" right in its name, wasn't open to students his age, and only allows one student per school (Cedric was already chosen for Hogwarts). Despite being aware of how suspicious this is and how many rules it breaks, the teachers decide to let him compete, because the whims of the Goblet of Fire are the only thing they can agree on. In addition to sabotaging the plot of the book, not letting Harry participate would have delayed or prevented Voldemort's resurrection, and saved Cedric's life. Even if the Goblet really was as magically binding as they claimed it was, he could have just agreed with the other teachers to knowingly violate another rule to get disqualified or even if failing that just say "Cedric is the true representative of Hogwarts so I'm just going to sit on the starting line for each event." There's hardly any shame in doing so since his very presence is basically cheating for the Hogwarts side.
Ok, ill start from the end. They couldn't just let him "sit on the starting line" becuase each task required his physical presence and only ended when all participants completed it. There is no indication that any kind of rule violation would end with participant being disqualified, on the contrary it was stated that whoever was elected by the Gobled has to participate. Voldemort's resurection would indeed be postponed or possibly averted, but here's the thing. Tom played Kansas City Shuffle, with Dumble and while the plan was to bring him back from the dead, everyone thought that the point was to kill Harry and make it look like accident. No one knew that keeping Harry away would keep Tom from getting back. And finally the biggest specialist on Triwizard Tournament rules was under Tom's Mind Control, so he could overrule any attempt of getting Harry out, which he did when he claimed that being thrown out of Goblet is binding magical contract and Harry HAS to participate, whether anyone wants it or not. All everyone could do is do their best to keep him safe.
01:55:38 AM Jan 20th 2017
Someone should clean-up a little the Buffy example, it become a Headscratcher discussion (as normally happens with Buffy's examples in TV Tropes by-the-way)
02:28:14 AM Aug 10th 2016
Putting here to avoid Edit War
  • A villainous example occurs in the second to last episode of the first season of Sword Art Online, The Gilded Hero. In that episode, Sugou/Oberon spams his Game Master status by pinning Kirito onto the ground with gravity magic, and then chains up Asuna, and as Kirito tries to get up, he kicks him back onto the ground and impales him with Kirito's own sword, and then decides to change the pain absorber, which once it drops bellow level 3, starts affecting a user's body in the real world. Given that he's in full control of the situation and knows how it works, he could've just turned it off all the way to level 0 for Kirito, basically, to ensuring Kirito will die in both the digital and real worlds, effectively, washing Kirito out of Sugou/Oberon's hair for good. Sugou/Oberon could get away with raping Asuna in front of Kirito, and since Kirito was stabbed in the back, and through his spine, a critical area, couple that with seeing Asuna in pain while being raped, and Kirito dies not only in-game, but also in real life. If that happened, Sugou would've been able to avoid criminal charges since he plans to wipe Asuna's memory of this incident and of her knowing Kirito anyway, and he could get away with forcing her into marrying him, and thus continue experimenting on the other 299 former SAO players with no one to stop him and be in control of the human soul. Instead, being a cocky dastard, he decides to change it to level 8, insisting on gradually decreasing it after he's done assaulting Asuna. Because Kirito isn't completely dead, he gets help from Kayaba's spirit and is lent his system administrator status to take away Sugou's control of the system, including the pain absorber, to which Kirito sets it to level 0 for Oberon, resulting in Sugou suffering some pretty bad phantom injuries in real life, and losing vision in his right eye, and eventually, being arrested in the real world.
While all the facts involved are more all less acurate, and Sugou not killing Kirito immediately seems like Bond Villain Stupidity at first glance, unlike other Blofelds Sugou had every reason to be confident in his plan since he literally controlled the world in which Kirito was trapped. The only reason Kirito won was blatant and literal Deus ex Machina from Kayaba, something Sugou had no way of foreseeing. The problem with this entry is that while action proposed would solve Sugou's problem it was only available to him before the problem even arised, giving him no reason to actually do it, making this case of "stupid for not having precognition abilities", which was already ground for burning down two What an Idiot! entries and one Idiot Premise entry.
09:18:02 PM Sep 5th 2016
edited by TheNohrianDarkKnight
Even if Sugou/Oberon was in full control of the situation, and even if he had no way of forseeing Kayaba's intervention, it was how he used his full control of the situation that was the issue. I mean, if I was him, just to be 100% sure that I would not have to deal with Kirito EVER again, digital or IRL, I would've just turned off the absorber immediately and let the pain and stress be what does him in.
11:53:09 AM Sep 14th 2016
What you would've done in his place does not nessecarily make it this trope. Give me one reason known to Sugou why he shouldn't take his time.
01:20:04 PM Sep 24th 2016
A reason why Sugou should've just gone ahead and turn off the absorber all the way to 0 (or at least bellow level 3) would be so that it would insure that Kirito would be completely dead in both the digital and real worlds, so that he would never have to contend with him ever again.
02:11:58 PM Sep 30th 2016
That doesn't answer my question. I didn't ask why would he turn of the absorber. I asked why he should have been quick about it.
04:34:56 PM Oct 19th 2016
Remember, before Oberon changed the absorber after stabbing Kirito, that Kiritio DID try to get up. Since he tried to get up, Oberon should've just turned off the absorber, so that Kirito can die painfully as he gets more pain from watching Asuna in pain as she is sexually assaulted by Oberon.
03:25:45 PM Oct 23rd 2016
Except keyword here is "try". Oberon had no reason to believe he'd be any more successful in the next few minutes than he was now, meaning no success at all. And certainly he didn't expect that Kirito will be able to get up instantly. And most importantly he couldn't have seen comimng that Kirito will get help from Kayaba Ex Machina and Oberon himself will be stripped from GM rights, which would still be able to save his skin in case of any of the above happened.
03:38:12 PM Jan 20th 2016
  • In Arrow, the police can just charge Oliver with the crimes he's committed because he was caught on CCTV knowing exactly where to find his vigilante gear (and no doubt placing it there earlier). But they let him go because the investigator had a personal grudge against him, because apparently there wasn't a second investigator to look over the very definitive evidence, and because a hooded archer showed up when Oliver was under house arrest, which only proves he has an accomplice when you consider the footage they already have.

Put this here for discussion since it seems to be debatable at best to me. Hood had pulled some crazy stunts at the time and was always seen alone, so there being accomplice is unprovable theory, and the tape caught his just grabing a bag with a hood, which seems circumstantial at best. I'm not expert on US law but the guilt have to be proven beyond doubt, and having just that tape for guilt and airtight alibi for at least one of Hood's escapades and zero evidence of existence of an accomplice makes this case tough at best unless prosecutor in charge is Manfred von Karma. Then in a few episodes case seem murkier since cops are less and less wiling to capture the Hood, since some of them think he's doing more good than harm soe they have even less reason to actually eat said Gilligan.
03:01:35 PM Jul 20th 2015
In Episode III, Yoda loses to Palpatine and escapes. He doesn't even think to try again this time teaming up with Obi-Wan to take on the emperor. If they did, they could've ended the story here and now, rather than just have complete faith that Luke and Leia will be the new hope and wait 19-20 years. While it does work out in the end, what if it didn't? The Empire would've continued ruling the galaxy forever!

I cannot comprehend the amount of holes in this example. Should it be deleted?
04:21:26 PM Jul 20th 2015
Really, it sounds as misuse.
05:28:15 AM Jul 21st 2015
I remember having this discussion with someone about a What an Idiot! entry saying the same thing.

... basically, Yoda just lost when he was at his most powerful. The Emperor has since gotten even stronger. There is no way that "just going back and trying again" is anything but suicide.
08:43:13 PM Nov 5th 2014
edited by
I removed the example of killing Damon in The Vampire Diaries. Why? One, because it would have been very hard at that point, since Bonnie hadn't really come into her powers yet and Stefan was much weaker due to not drinking human blood. Two, getting rid of Damon wouldn't have gotten rid of Anna, the vampires inside the tomb, Katherine, Isobel, John Gilbert, the Originals, you get the idea. Remember that a huge amount of the conflict comes from Elena's very existence as a doppelganger. So no, killing Damon is neither a simple solution nor one that would make things much better.
08:55:02 AM Mar 16th 2014
This trope is usually called "Kill Gilligan," not "Just Eat Gilligan." It refers to inexperienced writers who, if assigned to write an episode of "Gilligan's Island," would kill off Gilligan in an attempt to make it unique and interesting, not realizing the much bigger point that you have to stay within the confines of the Word of God; you don't change the established parameters of the show's story and characters.
09:32:53 AM Feb 5th 2012
edited by KinkLink5
Why Don't You Just Shoot Him? had its examples put in Headscratchers. Either this should be too or Why Don't You Just Shoot Him? should have in-universe examples listed. I personally don't like blatant hypocrisy.
04:13:01 PM Aug 6th 2011
Shouldn't it be "Just eat, Gilliagn"? With a comma? "Just eat Gilligan" sounds like your telling somebody to eat Gilligan
02:05:28 PM Jun 21st 2012
They are. The trope title is proposing that the characters on Gilligan's Island were stupid for not resorting to cannibalism.

Tropers in the past are really scary people and I will never get on a boat with any of them.
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