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06:02:49 AM Jan 4th 2012
Guys, please don't add Real Life Evil Versus Evil examples - that's against the rules.

Also, a Real Life person cannot be based on someone else, so the same applies for the "Expy" trope.
12:16:32 PM Jun 12th 2011
Re: Cut:

Yes, this does have flamebait potential, but if the flamebait isn't there yet, then we still have some space.

Tito is a person, which means we give this article the benefit of the doubt for now — at least until the contents can be moved to Useful Notes, since that would probably be a better section than this for this.

The body is long enough that a tropes list could likely be made with help from that.
04:39:03 PM Jun 12th 2011
edited by AdeptusAlpharius
Don't worry! The flamebait Tito may create isn't any bigger then Stalin or Hitler may produce.

Also what about the notability policy? We have pages about fanworks but we apparently need no page about Tito? And why no trope list when Hitler and Stalin have one?
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