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03:35:57 PM Feb 1st 2012
Is it just me, or is there something very weird about the fact that a weird guy writes a comic about a serial killer who writes a comic about a complete loonbar who shouts at people? It's like standing between two mirrors.
01:40:47 PM Feb 20th 2011
Does anyone else think that Johnny can be classified as a Karma Houdini? I don't really see anything that happened to him in the end to be true retribution, I don't think he actually made a very effective Woobie, all things considered, and he kicked the dog too often to actually be redeemed by any of his other actions. Also, it can be argued that he was an asshole like his victims, if not a considerably bigger asshole. I know it was all just a comic, and was meant to be funny, but I hated the protagonist too often to get many laughs. After all, he killed an innocent rabbit. That is major karma fodder if you ask me. I know it looks like I missed the point, but really I just ignored it. Sorry to all fans who may be offended.
08:08:15 PM Mar 12th 2011
edited by Wackd
He is a karma houdini on a cosmic scale. It's even a plot point—he's been designated as a sort of dam to keep human nastiness from overflowing, which results in the powers-that-be keeping him from facing any consequences for his actions because any reasonable court would have him executed—and, from what we've seen, Johnny's death causes the mortal realm to fade out of existence and an Eldritch Abomination to break loose. Not only is he, in essence, containing a good deal of excess evil, but according to Satan he was already screwed up to begin with.

He's not supposed to be redeemable. He's done exactly one pleasant thing in his life—try to keep Squee safe and sane—and he hasn't done the best job. What makes people warm to him is that he knows he's screwed up and wants to get better. He can't remember how he came to be where he is, and can't stop himself from doing the things he does (at first to keep the wall-monster in check, and later because of his increased Sanity Slippage). Also, the first thing he does when he stops being a waste-lock is try to take control of his life (or at least his insanity). It doesn't work too well, but I think he gets some credit for trying. None of this, of course, makes him a good person, but I do think it earns him some pity.

I think it's rather odd that, between killing Edgar Vargas, trying to kill Devi, torturing Tess, and the nightclub massacre (during which he killed people for trying to bring back bell-bottoms, wearing an ugly tie, and not checking for toilet paper before taking a dump) it was the fact that he killed a bunny that made you think he was despicable.
02:26:47 PM Nov 7th 2010
Can we please not edit war over the "here's Johnny" thing? It isn't necessary but if people think it's funny, I'm fine with it. If people hate it, take it out. But potholing it to The Tonight Show instead of The Shining is Completely Missing the Point because it's not the quote but the context.
02:40:29 PM Oct 30th 2010
"Nothing is outright funny?" (Rough paraphrasing of what is said on main page under CMOF)

Um, have they read the bloody thing?

If you're taking it seriously, or need some comic book equivalent of a laugh-track to point out where the gags are...yeesh.

Vasquez even points out where he overdoes the cheap gags at times ("Don't sue me, I'm funny!" from the Heaven part (or was it hell?) near the end, f'rinstance). I'm not going to edit it out because it's very YMMV, and I'd like to hear a justification from whoever originally wrote it first.

JTHM's first objective is humour, pure and simple, it's CRAMMED with traditional-style jokes. As well as the slightly subtler dark humour.
06:13:13 PM Dec 6th 2010
(original poster) Hey, it was mostly a Your Mileage May Vary thing. Depending on how you think, a lot of the gags go into No Just No territory—I, personally, thought that (most) of the series was flat-out hilarious, but that was just my opinion and nothing more. To be honest, this was the first dark humour series I've ever had the pleasure of reading, so it took a while to get used to the gore and humour, like the baby with the exploding head.

I've never taken JTHM seriously, actually.

...I'm sorry if I offended you in any way possible.
07:22:49 AM Jul 23rd 2010
I'm new here, and I don't know how to make a Haiku page...
07:25:50 AM Jul 23rd 2010
Wait, nevermind, I figured it out!
11:17:26 PM May 13th 2010
Isn't the Page image Fan art? shouldn't it be something drawn by vasquez?
08:49:27 AM May 21st 2010
Was it fan art? I couldn't find it in the comics I have, but I thought it might have been from the Director's Cut. It sure did look like Vasquez style to me...
11:09:08 AM Jun 1st 2010
nope, I have the directro's cut and it doesn't have it, it was clearly a Fan Art, the guy with glasses look nothing like Vasquez would draw. But well I already changed the page image.
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