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10:11:11 AM Jan 21st 2013
Can people who don't now much about the guy get some reasons why he's controversial?

I mean, just add a list or something.
03:40:44 AM May 14th 2013
I think people didn't want to try it, since the last page got nuked. The problem with Byrne was that he was opinionated and VERY vocal, and was unafraid to edit Wiki Pages himself (or get his followers to do it). It's just easier to say he's controversial and leave it at that.

Reasons for the controversy include his willingness to rewrite characters into new forms to suit his purposes, turning characterization backwards to write people in their original "intended" formats, a willingness to play around with/ignore continuity (to COMICS FANS, this is sacrilege), and more. Add all that to his vocal nature, his "I don't suffer fools gladly" approach, and a bunch of loyal fans, and you had a mess on your hands.
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