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07:14:22 PM Sep 2nd 2012
Alright, I removed tropes that went against Creator Page Guidelines, specifically these points:

What should not go on creator pages:

  • Tropes applied to the creator as if they are a fictional character. Please resist the urge to apply character tropes to Real Life people. We've had a lot of Square Peg, Round Trope issues in the past with this, so as a general guideline, it's best to apply No Real Life Examples, Please! to creators. If it seems harmless, it might be overlooked Just for Fun, and there is an exception for Conversational Troping as mentioned above, but on the whole this is something best avoided.
  • Tropes that apply to individual works they've created. Any tropes listed should be relevant to their work as a whole, not to just one work. So if a trope only applies to one work they've made, please list it on that work's page instead.
  • Drooling. In the past, we've had pages for actresses that consisted primarily of gushing about how hot they are. This is not okay. It's inappropriate and will not be tolerated.

I may have missed some, but if I wrongfully removed any, please bring the point here instead of adding it back in. Thanks!
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