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04:12:46 PM Apr 26th 2013
As a huge fan of Jhonen's, I am going to have to disagree with the Artist Disillusionment accusations. Ive talked to people who have met jhonen at sigings, and heard voice actors statements, and heres my opinion: Jhonen only hates certain elements of his Fan Dumb (mainly the obsessive people that spread rumors), and is fine with the rest of his fanbase. Besides, he hasnt gone on a rant on his twitter or blog since 2010, and even said he would do ZIM again he got the chance. I heard Rikki Simmons say at a con once that Jhonen was a cool guy, but just had an INTENSE personality. He is also, from what I have seen from his blog and his interviews, a man who is very VERY skilled in the art of dry sarcasm. He DID flip out a little in early 2010, but to be fair, that was only directed to his Fan Dumb (mainly toward fan entitlment, and the rumor spreaders I mentioned earlier). He actually has said before that most of his fans are cool (, and everyone ive talked too that has met him says that he is nice, but has "aversions to the more insane pockets of his fanbase". Finally, look up a video that one of his fans made of him at a signing (there are a lot of them). Hes nice to them the whole time and signs everything they ask them too EVEN WHEN THEY ARE RABID OR ANNOYING. (, and

BOTTOM LINE, Jhonen has always despised his fan dumb, but is FAR from hating the rest of his fanbase.
01:20:19 PM Jul 20th 2012
What Do You Mean, It's Not Awesome? has been renamed to Mundane Made Awesome. It appeared here as a Zero-Context Example, so I can't tell if this was proper use or misuse. If it was actually correct, please feel free to re-add it under the new name, but please provide some context. Thanks
07:16:57 PM Aug 17th 2010
  • Old Shame: Jhonen has stated a few times that he is pretty sick and tired of Invader Zim, and its fanbase. When asked how he would feel about attempts to revive the show, he more or less stated "That was what, eight years ago? People have been born, learned to walk, and have begun growing up into members of society during that time. Just let it go."
    • No, it's not fair to say he is sick of the show and its fanbase. He is done with the show, (not ashamed — does he say Zim was a stupid show? Had bad dialogue, choppy animation, or was in any way a sub-par product that he no longer wishes to have his name associated with?), and exasperated and annoyed by the rabid section of the fanbase that believes it is entitled to his devotion and conviction to a project he has cleanly washed his hands of, completely in disregard for the considerations he himself might have for the direction of his own energies, creative or otherwise. That's a pretty crucial distinction.

It's not an example, so it should've been removed rather than have the Justifying Edit.
06:03:35 PM Aug 21st 2010
...yeah, that's a good call. I should have just cut it and listed it in the discussion forum, which is what I did for the similar entry on the Invader Zim page. Sorry about that.
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