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10:34:26 PM Apr 9th 2013
Why does all of the Jesus fanart links show a white guy when he more than likely was not?
01:49:12 AM Apr 10th 2013
Because most art (particularly famous Western stuff) shows him as white despite the inaccuracy. We can't link to much accurate fanart if it doesn't exist. Should you find some that's good, do go ahead and add it to the Image Links page.
04:53:52 AM Nov 18th 2012
Historically speaking, Christianity didn't exist as an organized religion until nearly a century after Jesus' death. Shouldn't that line say "Believed to be the founder of Christianity?" [Most people interpret that as "Jesus wrote the bible" for some reason.]
10:23:58 AM Mar 21st 2012
Could Jesus be considered the ultimate Mary Sue? And no, I'm not trolling, I'm putting forward a dynamic idea.
10:34:38 AM Mar 21st 2012
08:35:54 AM Apr 3rd 2012
04:32:33 PM Nov 4th 2013
He does fit the description perfectly but you'll end up flamed...in hell!!!
09:23:22 PM Mar 26th 2014
He could be one, many religious figures could count really, going back to Marduk but if we are going to take religious examples into account there are others who are just as if not more sue. (though that also depends on which version you are reading, the orthodox Jesus most accept is not as bad as many of the portrayals of him penned by some of the other religions he inspired)
12:07:00 AM Apr 21st 2011
"His message was mainly of peace, mercy, kindness, charity, forgiveness and compassion" This is actually a common misconception - Jesus' main message according to the Gospels was of the coming Kingdom of God. For example in Matthew, the Kingdom of God is referenced more than 45 times while Love is mentioned fewer than fifteen.
07:33:49 AM Apr 21st 2011
edited by MrDeath
When He's asked point blank what the most important commandment is, He says it's to love your neighbor as yourself. He says that His message is of love.
12:31:43 PM Apr 28th 2010
In school they told me the name "Jesus" means "helper". Any correlation for that? It seems more likely to mean "Yahweh is salvation" or something like that.
12:33:46 PM Apr 28th 2010
Yup, Yaweh is Salvation, according to a baby names website. Ya have to look up Joshua for the meaning, since "Jesus" is a latinization of "Yeshua", the anglicized form of which is Joshua.

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