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10:14:37 PM Mar 17th 2018
I think I got a good image for this page.
02:26:56 AM Jul 30th 2017
I know that a Jerk with a Heart Of Gold is also a nice guy/girl but what's the easier difference between the two tropes 'Nice Guy' and 'Jerk With A Heart Of Gold'.
07:00:43 PM Aug 30th 2014
I feel like the page image should be changed. Homer was being a jerk and was photoshopped to look like he was being nice- but that's not what the trope is about. A better example could be one image of Moe threatening someone above an image of him reading to orphans or something. :/
01:53:03 AM Aug 31st 2014
Actually, it's the "I still love you!" part of the image that makes it illustrate the "Gold" part.
01:53:36 PM Sep 3rd 2014
Oh I see. Maybe we could put something in the image note to explain the 'I still love you' part.
04:51:37 PM Aug 25th 2013
edited by
I have a character who is both a deconstruction of this trope and an aversion or defiance of Jerk Sue. Sure, she's an asshole on the outside (in fact, she was basically introduced with a Bitch Alert in-story), but she's not given to the Fantastic Racism prevalent in the setting and loves to stand up for underdogs. However, she's considered a delinquent in her school, because she's a foul-mouthed, ill-tempered Blood Knight Obnoxious Snarker. I think (hope) the fact that she's quite humorous when it comes to being a notorious pyromaniac and gets the buttmonkey treatment from time to time, plus the fact that she's really (of course) a Broken Bird who has a ton of self-loathing and deals with her grief with a rather inappropriate coping mechanism.

Well, I sure as hell hope she doesn't turn out to be The Scrappy.
01:15:07 PM Aug 12th 2013
An evil character, by definition can't have a heart of gold.

The fact that an evil character, do something good, won't becomes in a jerk with heart of gold.
01:18:02 PM Aug 12th 2013
Evil characters by definition can't, but villains can.

Alternatively is the fact that the definition of "evil" isn't really set in stone.
01:57:30 PM Aug 12th 2013
I thought villains having it is a "Pet the Dog" thing.
02:00:39 PM Aug 12th 2013
Pet the Dog would be an instance signifying that they're a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
08:00:35 PM Jan 8th 2014
edited by
heart of gold = Good Guy.

Evil guy + pet the dog = Evil guy
08:11:31 PM Jan 8th 2014
ohai cclosina alt.
03:32:57 PM Apr 24th 2013
"Given that this trope would still call Real Life people jerks, please do not add real life examples. "

We've gotta do something about the hugbox this Wiki is turning into.
03:54:18 PM Apr 24th 2013
You'd rather it was constant arguing when people use tropes to call people they don't like names?
11:48:15 PM Apr 24th 2013
YMMV is here for a reason and, really, even then some will find it offense. There's an article out there that says we deleted every trope we have related to rape. That was incorrect. We deleted everything related to porn to avoid pandering. TV tropes isn't a hug box. If you want to say you don't like a person, you can even do it in discussion just watch your language and don't rant about it.
04:01:31 PM Oct 26th 2012
(Confused) It is the main page, not the real life page.
08:03:36 PM Oct 26th 2012
Yeah, it looks like the person cutlisted the wrong page.
12:59:32 AM Oct 27th 2012
No way this would be cut, even by someone not realizing the mistake—it has too many wicks and inbounds to touch.
10:57:23 PM Feb 16th 2011
Just as a thought, maybe we should include a note in the main Jerk with a Heart of Gold entry to reflect the fact that there actually seem to be a couple different flavors of this trope:

1: The version the trope's main entry refers to; basically, a {{Jerkass]] with Hidden Depths who has plenty of Pet the Dog moments.

2: A character who has No Social Skills or just a tendency to not think about the consequences of what they say and do, and thus acts like a Jerkass unintentionally.

What separates the two types is intention; a type 1 Jwa Ho G intends to be nasty to people, but has positive qualities to offset that. A type 2 usually doesn't even realize they're being a Jerkass until they've seriously hurt someone's feelings or gotten called out for it.
07:56:20 PM Sep 25th 2014
I believe "Type 2" would be "Innocently Insensitive".
06:16:07 PM Dec 29th 2010
Remove to belkar, He deffinity haven`t a "Heart of Gold"
10:13:24 AM Sep 20th 2010
Which episode of the Simpsons is that pic from?
01:56:20 PM Mar 30th 2012
It isn't; you can see it's a bad photoshop as there's blurry lines that fill a Bart shaped silhouette on the background. There really should be a replacement image considering.
11:10:59 AM Feb 12th 2013
Actually, the "bad photoshop" was in fact used in an episode. The episode was titled Tis The Fifteenth Season. The one where Homer tries to replace Ned Flanders as the nicest guy in town.

Besides, it's been up for years now and nobody has complained, so replacing it would be just pointless.
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