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01:54:33 AM Dec 10th 2012
I really think this trope shouldn't be called "Jerkass Has A Point". It's somewhat inaccurate since not all who "make a point" are jerkasses. Kimblee from Fullmetal Alchemist and the Joker from The Dark Knight aren't jerkasses but a Faux Affably Evil Sociopaths. Kaku from One Piece is a Nice Affably Evil Token Good Teamate. And yet someone reading might incorrectly assume they're obnoxious jerkasses.
11:54:08 PM Aug 8th 2012
Thinking my edit reason on the ASOIAF example might have been phrased somewhat rudely.

My point though is that as I understand the trope, Jerkass Has a Point comes up when a character who is unlikeable/would usually be in the wrong, happens to be in the right in a situation. In that example, Tyrion is in the opposite position- under normal circumstances, he'd be in the right, but in the situation, he's in the wrong.

Tyrion was behaving like a jerkass in the situation, but he isn't fitting Jerkass Has a Point- he probably would fit Wrong Genre Savvy though (thinking he's in a world where The Magic Goes Away, when he's actually in a world where The Magic Comes Back).
12:11:35 PM May 28th 2012
edited by Orihime
Taking this example here to avert an Edit War. It sounds like people are taking Ulquiorra's cruel verbal beatdowns of Orihime while he was fighting Ichigo — to put their own thoughts of Orihime on him in his mouth. He was NOT "pointing out Fridge Logic", he was BREAKING HER MIND DELIBERATELY as a part of his psychological torture of her. Therefore putting it in the page itself it brings Unfortunate Implications about people blaming Orihime for Ichigo's injuries.

  • Despite being in the middle of a fight, Ulquiorra will take time out of fights to point out Fridge Logic. More famously, he questions Orihime as to why she just didn't save Ichigo from the first blow, much less do anything to stop her love interest from being killed at the start of the battle.

Also, the Fridge Logic can be easy to defuse when we take in consideration that it's a common place in ALL mangas that include matches and fights. You NEVER EVER interrupt a fight between a character and their rival/s, no matter how desperate the situation is, because it's seen as an insult to the chara that is fighting . It got a lampshade early in Bleach, with the Kaien vs. Metastasia fight: Ukitake stopped Rukia from intervening and gave her a whole lecture on it. Whether it's right or wrong, it's something else, but laying a smackdown on Orihime for not running to stop a fight that had "It's Personal" all over it is redundant and unfair - specially considering that Ulquiorra used it as a part of his deliberate Break the Cutie against her.
11:44:35 PM Oct 4th 2011
Examples need specific details if they are going to help flesh out the trope. Please see How to Write an Example.

11:43:18 AM Mar 15th 2011
Bah LEE Ted:

  • There's the Angel episode "Epiphany". Angel's alienated most of his friends, and the world is about to be destroyed. The Host, who up to that point was just an obstructive joke character, helped him get his life back together and save the world.

And The Host is a jerkass since...?
10:48:08 AM Dec 9th 2010
This is a very narrow interpretation of the trope name. What about shows like Becker where a Jerkass isn't calling a protagonist out on anything but, you know, has a point?
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