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09:32:30 AM Dec 14th 2013
May I please ask where the whole "Amaterasu married Tsukiyomi" thing came from? In everything I've read about Japanese mythology, the two hated each other's guts (after Tsukiyomi killed Uzume after he was disgusted by the way she prepared the gods' food) and refused to even SEE each other let alone marry each other. In fact, it's said that's the reason the sun and moon are never in the sky at the same time anymore.
07:32:18 PM Aug 2nd 2013
Can I please kill everyone in the entire world that knows how to read kanji?
09:33:03 AM Dec 14th 2013
So most of Japan, then?
07:12:05 AM Feb 10th 2011
Where did all this Eldritch Abomination stuff come from? Mikaboshi is an extremely minor deity - it's mentioned in two sentences in the Nihon Shoki and that's about it. Sure, it's an evil deity, but it has nothing in common with the description given here. In fact, this description seems to fit better with the Marvel comics villain, not the actual deity. I'll just delete that section, hope nobody minds.
10:53:50 PM Feb 10th 2011
I'm really wondering this as well. Both Marvel and Whitewolf used that version, but I can find almost nothing older on it. I'm not sure if one made it up and the others took it as canon or what.
06:05:03 PM Jun 17th 2010
I wondered about adding a section for "uses in popular media". Reason I ask is that I first encountered Izanagi and Izanami in the second season of Darker Than Black, where the names were codenames given to two super powered people with near godlike powers.
11:55:56 PM Jun 17th 2010
I think we will have very long list though.

Just like Classical Mythology and Norse Mythology, Japanese Mythology got so many modern referrence.
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