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08:16:35 AM Apr 1st 2012
01:47:37 PM Dec 24th 2011
So what was this gay porn incident that keeps getting mentioned? I'm not about to google "Jack Thompson Gay Porn."
07:13:53 PM Jan 15th 2012
Aw, this is gone too?
09:09:47 PM Aug 26th 2011
This guy only proved that M Rated Games were evil. Not child games like Mario and Sonic
08:16:53 AM Apr 1st 2012
He proved even that? How??
07:43:28 AM Apr 2nd 2012
No, he didn't. Sol is either a troll or a shill, so just ignore him.
02:48:14 PM Sep 5th 2010
Can this example stay?

  • Moral Event Horizon: A member of a Metal Gear Solid message board posted about how he was going to commit suicide. His fellow posters spent hours trying to convince him not to, trying to backtrap his IP so someone could stage an intervention... but it didn't work. When GamePolitics posted about the death, Jack Thompson made a post in the comments blaming the guy's fellow gamers for his death. And that's when he went from blustering idiot to irredeemable asshat.
    • That's just the tip of the iceberg. A video game voice actor was injured in the 2008 Mumbai attack. In the GamePolitics article about it, Thompson posted praise that he was injured. Speaking of GamePolitics, there's also his postings there where he wished for the death of the children of a poster, claims that his rantings were more important than helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and also saying everyone that posted on the site deserved the death penalty. There's also his use of his family members as pity cards, but that's a bit too low of a blow, so that's a good place to stop.
01:46:22 PM Nov 18th 2010
Why was it deleted in first place? Maybe Moral Event Horizon was a bit extreme, Kick the Dog may be better.
12:06:38 PM Feb 9th 2011
Claiming that people who tried to prevent someone's suicide caused that person's death and wishing for the death of people who disagree with his views on censorship - Goes way beyond the bigotry and general jerkass stuff we've currently got listed as his Kick the Dog examples...
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