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12:52:01 PM May 11th 2016
10:17:58 AM Nov 24th 2014
Seeing the number of video game examples, this trope is either misused or it would be better to only list the exceptions. By their very nature, most video games, especially RP Gs are going to start slow.
08:26:35 AM Dec 14th 2012
Why do the quotes and the Laconic version have nothing to do with the description? This trope needs repair, methinks.
09:11:57 AM Sep 4th 2012
I've noticed the trope is missused a lot, as I've rarely seen it elsewhere than as a likely Sink Hole. A rename would be a good idea.
11:55:03 AM Jan 7th 2012
I think that the most common alternate title for this trope (Get On With It Already) should instead be used for a different trope: the gag of the audience or various characters actually butting in and demanding that the show stop dicking around and get moving again. It's the gag that title came from in the first place, and what most of the users are thinking of when they use that title.
04:28:33 PM Jun 10th 2011
This doesn't appear to be an example, and infact appears to be an example of an opposite phenomenon, so I deleted it. I could not find a suitable trope for it, though it seems like there should be one for a "it get's suckier" YMMV

  • Several of Black Flame's horror film tie-in books suffer from this, the worst offenders being A Nightmare on Elm Street: Dreamspawn and Final Destination: Dead Man's Hand, which, after interesting prologues, have two-hundred pages of inanity. Both books are four-hundred pages long.
04:24:38 PM Jun 10th 2011
edited by FearOfTheUnknown
There were two separate Malazan Book of the Fallen examples, both mostly saying the same thing. I condensed them together, deleting the repetitions.

Here are the original examples:

  • A common phrase said by fans to new readers of Malazan Book of the Fallen. The first book throws the reader in the deep end without so much as a "can you swim?", with a whole host of characters and events and expects you to run with it. After the first few hundred pages, after the reader has acclimatised themselves, the experience quickly becomes less "Huh-wha?" and more "Ooohh! That's clever."

  • The Malazan Book of the Fallen suffers from a rather lackluster first book. It's not that the novel is bad, but it's not anywhere near as well written or complex as the rest of the series. Part of the reason is the author attempting to sell it as a script first, then making a book of it.
12:52:42 PM Jul 17th 2010
I was thinking of saying that "Punk Rock was basically the musical equivalent of one large Get On With It Already". Would that be wrong?
12:43:24 PM Mar 4th 2010
edited by Korodzik
Korodzik: Deleted this:

  • The first half of Moby-Dick is a treatise on whaling. No plot, no characters, just whaling.
    • Not so much the first half as it is every other chapter."

...since, as said above, it doesn't fit the trope. Maybe the first editor was reading some weird edition which rearranged the chapters?
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