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03:18:09 PM Apr 8th 2012
edited by Wyldchyld

We only see two youkai storylines that occur in Kagome's time period, the Noh-Mask youkai and the Tatari-mokke. In the case of the Noh-Mask youkai everyone can see the youkai activity that's taking place. In the case of the Tatari-mokke, there's never any occasion where the Tatari-mokke is in a position to be seen by normal humans in either time period: In Inuyasha's time period only youkai see it and in Kagome's time period only Kagome and Inuyasha are ever put in a position to witness it.

In the case of Mayu's ghost, while it's clear in Kagome's time period that most humans can't see her, both Kagome and Mayu's mother can (much to Mayu's surprise on both counts). Inuyasha makes it clear that youkai and ghosts are completely different things and, because only youkai witness the Tatari-mokke in Inuyasha's period, we have no idea if humans in Inuyasha's time can see ghosts or not.

Since youkai can be seen by anyone in both time periods and we know nothing about the requirements for humans seeing ghosts, I've removed the Inuyasha example.
10:07:24 AM Aug 1st 2010
I really don't get how Sailor Moon is an example. It's virtually the opposite — given that civilians on the scenes of battles are always energy drained, it's odd (and never satisfactorily explained) how people know the Senshi exist (which they definitely do — see the many references to Senshi shows and merchandise existing within the world of the show). At least it's clear how people know about Sailor V; she's seen battling in the middle of a crowded street (ep. 42).
07:14:13 PM Jul 6th 2010
The image on this page (from Dennou Coil) also appears on the page for Goggles Do Something Unusual. We should find a replacement for this one for the sake of variety.
06:25:50 PM Jul 10th 2010
Yes, we should actually. I just couldn't find an image which suited this as well as the current one does.
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