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09:40:08 AM Jun 9th 2012
The Obama example in Doctor Who, is that straight or an aversion? He's not properly seen, but at the same time, an audio clip of him is used.
09:28:22 AM Jun 9th 2012
Did The Simpsons constantly use fictional presidents after a certain point, or was President Schwarzenegger a one-off for the movie?
03:18:06 PM Dec 13th 2010
edited by DokEnkephalin
There may be campaign finance laws that pertain to personal appearance by an elected official in media. If it can be construed as an endorsement for their own policies or that of another party member in office or running for office, then they could easily be called before Senate committee or judicial hearing for it. So far, no one has thought it was a good idea to set a precedent while holding office.
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