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05:41:17 AM Jun 16th 2011
Moved the Larry Niven "Plateau Eyes" Literature example to Perception Filter where it belongs.
07:20:17 PM Mar 24th 2011
Technically, "transparent" eyeballs make you blind, but "invisible" eyeballs may not. The light that pass through the eyeballs can technically be first absorbed, detected, then emitted again(by giving energy to do so) (secondary power) The same process can be done on the whole body, and this power can make the invisible creature/vehicle/being able to "see"(detect light) on all sides.
12:10:51 PM Jan 24th 2012
Of course, a fully invisible person whose retinas could somehow still detect light would also be blinded by how light would enter their eye from all directions, not just via the pupil. The sclera of the eye is opaque for good reason.
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