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02:16:16 AM Apr 9th 2015
Even though it can no longer be on the trope page, this entry was MOW-nominated so it would be bad to lose it forever. I'm putting it here for posterity:

12:59:06 PM Aug 30th 2010
No funny text for the link back to the main page on Troper Tales? Unfortunately, I can't think of anything....
12:41:10 AM Aug 21st 2010
Removed from the comics section, because it wasn't intentionally awkward:

  • Giant-Size Man-Thing. You know it, baby.

For the record, Marvel Comics regularly published larger-than-usual special issues titled Giant-Size (title of the comic). Man-Thing is humanoid plant, like an unintelligent Swamp Thing, so called because he's an inhuman thing in the shape of a man. Silly as the title sounds, it really was just Marvel being consistent in their titling.
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