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07:31:56 PM Oct 1st 2013
For Breaking Bad is Instant Death Bullet ever shown or mentioned or does it just not happen?

  • Averted in the finale of Breaking Bad. Walter White is mortally wounded when he takes a single gunshot, but has enough time to kill Jack, tell Lydia she's been poisoned, and say goodbye to Jessenote .

07:20:24 PM Oct 10th 2013
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There are a few instant death gunshots (or implied to be instant) but usually only when they're up close and/or by trained killers and/or headshots. At least one other major character survives a bullet wound with serious long-term complications. Make of that what you will; I don't understand what makes something count as this trope or not.
08:17:59 AM Sep 14th 2013
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Various examples that I am not all that sure of what to do with and could use some extra help.
  • In the non-fiction book Gommorah about the Camorra clan wars the journalist author comes across the aftermath of a shooting where a woman was shot in the face as she opened the door. A child talks to him in great detail on why being shot in the face is better than being shot in the chest, as it takes longer to die and is vastly more painful.~
  • The Gun Seller: Averted — the protagonist of Hugh Laurie's novel gets shot while tackling a man and at first thinks that someone shot the person he is tackling.~deathisdramtic only if the guys actually dies, needs checking
  • Averted in S.E. Hinton's novel Tex, in which the title character is shot, but the circumstances have left him in such a state of shock, anguish and adrenaline that he doesn't actually realize it until the following chapter.~Deathisdramatic if he dies
  • The Dresden Files: In Changes Harry is shot in the heart and is still alive for a few seconds after falling into freezing water. It was previously mentioned that this was a good way to kill a wizard since they wouldn't have time to use a death curse. In this case he had time to use a death curse but didn't care enough to and didn't have a target in mind.
    • Plus the fact that Harry orchestrated this himself.

Not sure if we are counting Scifi examples where they tend to use some form of Ray Gun/Laser/Energy weapons rather then a bullet firing gun.

•Averted in Star Wars, as you would not expect. When Jedi are being killed during Order 66, the Clones keep on shooting even after the Jedi are dead and they often keep on moving after the first shot hits them. Aayla Secura's death is the most clear about this. Stormtroopers, battle droids, and other Mooks die in one hit though.~starwars should have plenty of specific uses.

  • Shadows of the Empire averts this, albeit with blaster bolts instead of bullets. When Luke Skywalker is in a room full of Bothan spies working on Death Star data and some bounty hunters come in, one of the Bothans is shot but stays alive and conscious. All of the other Bothans grab the data and run, but Luke, idiot Luke, refuses to leave him - and the Bothan dies just before the bounty hunters capture Luke.

  • Lampshaded in Babylon 5 (though they're talking about a poison, which the seller promised was "almost instantaneous".)
    Londo: "Almost? How long is almost? Long enough for him to stagger back into the court room and shout 'Londo killed me!'?... or maybe just long enough to say Londo killed...urgh!"

  • On Farscape's first season, Gillina is fatally shot by Scorpius, but manages to hang on long enough to be brought up to Moya, where she dies.
    • In "Prayer," the Aeryn/Chiana hybrid is shot in the stomach by (once again) Scorpius; it takes her several minutes for her to finally die.
    • In the Peacekeeper Wars miniseries, Ahkna is fatally shot in the back of the head by Aeryn, and has long enough to be told off by Aeryn before collapsing. In the same scene, D'Argo is fatally wounded as well, but lasts long enough to cover their retreat.

04:07:41 PM Sep 10th 2013
Neither of these examples are examples of guns in fiction. The trope is specifically about the often unrealistic portrayl of death by gunshot seen in a lot of fiction works.

The Legolas example would also be the high lethality being from Legolas's extraordinary shooting ability.

The Half Life 2 Entry is about a crossbow firing abnormal ammo. Namely a piece of heated rebar that acts as a generic ranged insta kill weapon.

  • Legolas' arrows in The Lord of the Rings films fit this trope since every shot he takes almost invariably results in the immediate death of whatever he happened to be aiming at.
    • Boromir averts this trope since he was still alive — temporarily — even after taking three arrows to the torso.

  • Half-Life 2 has a crossbow that fires red-hot pieces of rebar. Not only does it kill modified humans with one shot, it has a sniping scope and it often pins bodies to the wall.

04:28:19 PM Jun 19th 2013
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I am not entirely sure if this a proper example of an aversion.

From the page on use of averted tropes.
Remember — just because a trope does not come into play doesn't make it averted. It is when you would very much expect the trope in a work but despite there being plenty of opportunity for it, it is never used. Many tropes have an inverse of themselves — if the inverse is applicable instead, then it's just a different trope being used.

Here is the example in question. Anyone have a bit more context for this one?

  • Averted in I Did Not Want To Die by Kalash93, with heartbreaking results. The story follows a soldier who is shot near the beginning, and slowly bleeds to death over the course of the story in one hell of a massive tear jerker.

05:00:27 AM Oct 24th 2013
Honestly, that's more of a shoehorn than anything. Pretty much none of Kalash93's fanfics feature the trope, so the trope not happening doesn't avert an expected trend.
06:10:13 AM May 25th 2013
For Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

  • A horror series with a lot of scary scenes. The murders often have alot of suspense and buildup which strangely makes this trope absolutely terrifying. The best case of this is Minagoroshi-hen where the main cast are talking with the murderer, Takano, and seconds after everyone is dead.

There are already two examples which give the specifics vs this one. The question is how many of them die from an instant death bullet?

The examples divide into manga and anime with clear definitions already.

04:15:42 PM May 13th 2013
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Ok for the person placing this example can we have a bit more context then a general statement? For example is this from a particle work in a particular setting or game?

As is this too vague to be a proper example and generally not accurate as various video games treat sniper rifles in different ways.

  • The sniper rifle or its equivalent often acts as an instant death weapon provided the player aims for the head. Sometimes aiming for the head isn't even necessary.

03:50:44 PM Nov 21st 2012
edited by TuefelHundenIV
Finally. As per this TRS thread The Description has been cleaned up and rewritten in general. The new description will be going up soon.

Next step is to clean up the aversions as per this trs thread. Tropes that need more context or other help will be brought to to the discussion page.
06:34:06 AM Oct 27th 2012
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After consulting with a mod, the first TRS and most recent TRS decisions need to be implimented.

The first TRS was to remove the Useful Notes type info and shift it over to a YKTTW page for making a Lethal Wounds Useful Note Page. The definition may need to be tweaked to make more sense after the Useful Notes cruft is removed. After that is done any help on reworking the definition would be appreciated.

The second TRS is to remove all the aversions and general clean up of the page.

Any input, help, or questions can be asked here or pmed.

06:27:57 PM Mar 16th 2012
Looking at the trope at large this whole thing likely needs to be rewritten and possibly renamed. I was thinking breaking it into two parts. One part describing instant death wounds when applied to various characters other then mooks and extras. The other would be someone who has received lethal injuries but keeps carrying on. Cut part of the info dump out and clean out anything that doesn't fit in either category.

11:15:01 PM Mar 29th 2011
edited by Hybrid
Everything is an aversion! Maybe we should cut out all straight examples.
01:44:06 AM Jan 12th 2011
Re: Hitman. No surprise a bullet to the foot puts someone in the hospital. I ended up with surgery after some sort of nasty -scratch- to the leg got infected.
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